Lots of spooky creativity for Halloween

Gather the family at the table to create spooky Halloween decorations for the most fun holiday of the year. Our creative Halloween kits are fun and easy for all ages. Our Maxi Craft Mix is perfect for hours of scary creativity – and don't forget our Mini Craft Kits for the youngest ghouls in the family. The children will also love our new Halloween door – I wonder who's hiding behind it...


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Want to see more Halloween products?

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Halloween with horror, fright, and creativity

Welcome to our large Halloween universe, filled with creativity and spookiness for children. Here you'll find everything for the popular autumn celebration – easy Craft kits in various sizes and frightening ideas for festive Halloween decorations. Explore the entire selection and discover your new favorites. There are plenty of options to choose from. Create the well-known Halloween motifs that children love, such as bats, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons – or build a haunted house filled with spiders and spiderwebs. It's all frighteningly fun and can be used as decorations throughout October.


Halloween activities for children

Halloween has become a big hit with families, and many use the fun holiday as an opportunity to be creative together. In this context, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for homemade decorations that you and the children can create together. Read on below and get a lot of ideas:


Spooky spiders

Spiders often symbolize horror and mystery, making them perfect Halloween decorations at home. Use your imagination and create your own spiders from various materials in the craft drawer. If the children want, they can easily design their own unique spider. Perhaps it will be cute, quirky, or creepy? The activity is great for strengthening children's language skills. Discuss the eight-legged friends together – where they live and what they eat. Also, try our Mini Craft kit, where children can make a Halloween spider out of Silk Clay®, Foam Clay®, and long, soft pipe cleaners.


Glow-in-the-dark ghosts

Ghosts are among the most iconic Halloween figures, representing the unknown and supernatural. They have mysteriously become a permanent part of people's Halloween traditions, both as decorations and costumes. Many children have a natural fear of ghosts and the unknown. However, by making their own ghosts, they have the opportunity to understand that the unknown doesn't always have to be frightening. If you have children, they can easily create their own unique ghosts. Make them, for example, from white cardboard, plaster bandage, or beads. The possibilities are many, and for extra ease, you can also try our Mini Craft kit. Here, children can model small, glow-in-the-dark ghosts using Silk Clay® and Foam Clay®. The finished ghosts glow in the dark and can be used as fun decoration in the children's room. See the cute Halloween idea right here.


Flying bats

Halloween is a time when the boundaries between the natural and supernatural seem to merge, and nothing represents this mystique better than bats. These fascinating creatures, often associated with darkness and the realm of night, add an extra dose of excitement to any Halloween decoration. If you have children who love Halloween, they will also love making their own bats. Experiment with different materials such as black cardboard, felt, or paper – and hang the finished bats from the ceiling, making it look like they are flying in the air. If bats are also needed on the windowsill or shelf, children can make their own using Silk Clay® and Foam Clay®. The figures turn out frighteningly good - find the idea right here.


Rattling skeletons

Halloween is the time of year when we open the doors to the eerie, the mysterious, and the frightening. Skeletons are therefore a natural part of the festivities, representing horror and death – and various versions can be created. Try, for example, our cute paper skeleton, which even children as young as 5 can make. All you need is our Mini Craft kit. It includes both materials and instructions – it doesn't get any easier.


Pumpkins in various forms

Every autumn, the pumpkin harvest begins, and it is at this time that people start planning their Halloween decorations. Pumpkin carving has become a tradition, where families gather to express their creativity. Children and adults love the carving process, and many spend hours creating scary faces and imaginative figures. If you dream of a more manageable pumpkin project, you can try our small pumpkins made of Silk Clay® and chenille. This project is perfect for the little ones in the family. They are super easy to model, and children love using them as Halloween decorations in their rooms. See the easy pumpkin idea here.


Homemade Halloween house

Create magical spookiness with your very own Halloween house in cardboard. This creative project is a fun activity for the whole family. Build the house in cardboard and decorate it with fun details that children can draw with markers. Add spiderwebs and spiders to create the perfect horror atmosphere. Once the Halloween house is complete, it can be placed as a spooky decoration on the dining table, windowsill, or in the children's room. If you need inspiration, you can find our creative idea for a Halloween house.


Craft kits for Halloween decorations

Are you a parent who wants to make the Halloween experience extra special for your children? Then Craft kits are the way to go! Our kits are the perfect solution for busy families who want to create fun and creative Halloween decorations without the hassle of searching for materials or thinking about complicated designs. With Craft kits, you get an easy and convenient package that contains everything you need to create frighteningly fun decorations with your children. The included simple instructions make it easy to follow along, and the activities are tailored to different ages and skill levels. So why consider Craft kits? Because it's not only a practical solution but also a way to create shared memories and strengthen family bonds. Make Halloween a creative and fun experience for the whole family with these simple and entertaining Halloween kits.

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