Home furnishings

Make your interior unique and personalized with home decor made by you. Whether you are looking for candlelight holders that will make your space cozy, vases and jars for your flowers or small mirrors you will here find plenty of items for your space that you can personalize.

Home furnishings
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Decoration for the creative soul

If you love decoration and to put your very own unique touch on things, you have come to the right place. At Creativ Company (or CChobby, which we are also known as) we have a lot of sections that are great for different forms of creative and personal decoration. And the range is perfect, as you can decorate a wealth of different materials for different purposes - and with many different techniques.

Decorate, for example, figures of cardboard or wood with decoupage, or try forces as a porcelain painter with glass painting, porcelain, terracotta etc. You can also make decorations with paint ormosaic on boxes and make them into Pandoras box, or why not let the kids make an entire farmhouse by decorating animals in different materials with Silk Clay or Foam Clay.

The possibilities are many, and if you lack inspiration on how to decorate different materials, then you can get inspired by our many decoration techniques and ideas here .

Decorative items for decoration and home decor

Create a personal and unique home décor with decorations that you or the kids have made. At Creativ Company you will find a large selection of decoration for the interior decoration , which is suitable for personal decoration. For example, decorate the most beautiful candlesticks or vases and jars, or how to decorate your own furniture items , such as a small tray, drawer or stool? These are just some of the home decor accessories you will find at CC-craft.

In addition to decorating for the home, we also have lots of utensils in various materials for creative decorations - among others, you’ll also find trays, table cutters , mugs, bowls and other utensils .

Large selection of figures for decoration

If the children must learn to spell or count, we also have a large selection of letters, numbers, and words in e.g. wood or cardboard. They all open up for creative decoration to make learning even more fun. In addition, letters, numbers, and words are also popular to decorate and use as decorative objects in the home. For example, paint them with acrylic paint , decorate them with decoupage paper , or coat them with coloured modelling materials , etc.

Furthermore, we have a large selection of different animals and figures for decoration or play. For example, decorate your own zoo animals with our animals and insects in a great selection of materials such as wood, ceramics, styrofoam, etc. We also have lots of angelic figures and Christmas figures just waiting for the decoration of a creative hand so they can create a Christmas mood. Or how about decorating one of our many beautiful hearts and giving it to someone you love?

This was just a small selection of our many figures and decoration items. We have even more if you dive into the different categories here on the site.

From here, we just want to enjoy your creative decorations.

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