Modelling and casting

Here you will find a wide selection of materials for modelling and casting - including various casting and modelling clays. Both for candy and sweet making, soap making, candle casting, casting in concrete and plaster or for molding with clay, modelling wax, soapstone, Silk Clay and Foam Clay - just to name a few.

Modelling and casting
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Modelling and casting puts shape to your imagination

Modelling and castings are a fun and popular way of putting shape to your creativity and imagination – both among kids and adults. With modelling and casting you can design and create your own figures, sculptures, decorative items, equipment and utensils etc. And here you will find a wide selection of the materials you will need – including various casting and modelling clays. Other than that you will find materials for Home-made sweets and Home-made soap as well.

Modelling with clay

Modelling is a fun activity that allows you to create whatever shape and figure you can imagine. Both kids and adults can immerse themselves in modelling and you will discover how time does fly when you are having fun. Furthermore modelling is sensorimotor stimulating.

At Creativ Company we have a wide selection of materials for modelling. Try for example our classic non-hardening Non-hardening modelling clay which comes in a variety of colours. Or what about diving into our popular selection of Air drying clay and modelling compounds that harden at room temperature?
Here you will find the popular Silk Clay as well as Foam Clay like Foam Clay and Pearl Clay, that are a perfect combination with Silk Clay. Take a look at our many ideas for Foam Clay® & Silk Clay® .

Modelling can be done with clay which we negotiate in various types. Try for example our Clay for a kiln for when making figures, arts and crafts that you want baked for optimal strength, and for when you want the possibility to glaze and use other finishes. If you don’t want to bake the clay but still want the expression of traditional clay then try our Air drying clay and modelling compounds that comes in a variety of colours.

Casting with concrete and plaster

Casting is a popular activity where you have plenty of opportunity to be creative. And if you want to make your own little foundry there are plenty of options with our selection of casting materials. Here you will find both materials for Concrete mould making & casting , Gypsum casting , Tin casting , and even Candle casting .

Molding with concrete or plaster Is especially popular as you can cast various interiors/crafts as for example candle holders, bowls, concrete figures and other decorative items.

If you are going to cast with concrete our selection of Crafting concrete is indispensable. Concrete is a very durable and raw material that is fun to work with – whether you are a kid or an adult. By working with concrete, kids can learn about the properties of the concrete and about how it is also used when building houses.

If you want to cast plaster instead you will need our Fabric hardener/art glue and powder paints that can be used to cast figures, bowls, vases, prints or candle holders. These can afterwards be decorated with colours, stones etc.

When working with casting whether it’s plaster or concrete, Moulds are essential – and of course you will find plenty of Moulds for casting right here.

Don’t forget that we have plenty of Moulding here.

At Creativ Company you have plenty of opportunities to find both ideas and materials for different types of molding and casting.

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