Sculptures on wheels from recycled cardboard and gauze bandage


Make sculptures from recycled cardboard using your imagination. Assemble the parts with thick bonsai wire and masking tape before covering them with gauze bandage and painting them with acrylic paint. Finish by attaching the wooden wheels. These sculptures are inspired by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser's colourful art.

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1   Cut a piece of recycled cardboard measuring 13 x 4.5 cm as the base of the sculpture. You may use the template which is attached as a PDF file on this page. Cut two 11 cm pieces of bonsai wire.
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2   Push the bonsai wires through the recycled cardboard ridges as shown in the photo. Make sure that the same length of wire sticks out from both sides of the card. Secure the bonsai wires with a small blob of glue at the edges.
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3   Draw a figure on the recycled cardboard. Make sure that the figure is not wider than the base on which it will stand. Remember to consider balance and the centre of gravity to make sure that the figure does not fall over. Check the direction of the recycled cardboard ridges, if you need to attach the parts with bonsai wire.
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4   Attach the figures to the base with masking tape. The masking tape helps stabilize the figures and prevents the recycled cardboard getting too wet and too soft from the gauze bandage. Join the loose parts with bonsai wire and secure with masking tape or a blob of glue at the joint.
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5   Put on gloves. Cut a roll of gauze bandage into different widths from 2-7 cm. Place the pieces of gauze bandage on a water resistant underlay. Start by covering the base with gauze bandage. Soak the gauze bandage in water, attach onto the recycled cardboard and smooth out with your fingers. Leave the base to dry before continuing.
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6   You may have little breaks as you go along for holding large parts in place if they have become soft and unstable from the water from the gauze bandage. The gauze bandage dries quickly and makes the surface stable when dry. Leave the finished figure to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
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7   Paint the figure with acrylic paint in your chosen colours. You may paint the wooden wheels as well. Here we have added details with a Plus Color marker.
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8   Attach the wheels onto the figure. Use flat nose pliers for bending the ends of the bonsai wire around the wheel. Trim the bonsai wire with side cutters.
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