Hanging decorations from self-hardening clay with dried flowers


Make homemade hanging decorations for spring from different colours of self-hardening clay and decorate them with dried flowers. Use cookie cutters - that cut and emboss with one push - in different designs, for example, an Easter egg or a chick.

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1   Roll self-hardening clay flat using a rolling pin. Make the shape by pushing the cookie cutter into the clay.
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2   Push down the plunger on top to make the embossing.
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3   Remove the clay around the cookie cutter. Release the cut-out clay shape inside the cookie cutter by pushing the plunger down again.
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4   Make a hole for hanging using the pointed end of a wooden stick.
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A TIP   It is easy to make different marbling patterns, colour changes and shades by mixing different colours of clay; here have mixed white and curry. Make a marbling effect by twisting the two colours of clay around each other and then roll out. The more you twist, roll and knead the clay, the more you blend the colours together. See the different examples in the following step-by-step photos.
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Other variants   The two eggs at the top show the unmixed solid colours white and curry. The egg in the middle is the two solid colours completely mixed together, which results in no marbling effect. The two eggs at the bottom illustrate the marbling effect. The clay dries to a lighter finish, so the difference between the white and the curry colours will be less when dry.
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7   Make a hanging decoration with dried flowers by rolling the self-hardening clay out flat and then rolling dried flowers into the surface of the clay as shown in the photo.
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8   Push the shape cutter into the clay once the flowers have stuck. Make a hole for hanging at the top using a small wooden stick.
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9   When the hanging decorations are completely dry, attach a piece of natural hemp for hanging, making a loop.
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