An Invitation and Table Decorations for a White Wedding


The wedding cards and table decorations are made from materials from the white Happy Moments series, which includes tablecloth, table runner, napkins, candles and folding boxes. We have additional decorations such as satin hearts and decorations made from bonsai wire (aluminium wire).

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1.. Wedding invitation: Attach a photo or an illustration – the choice is yours - to the front of the double greeting card. Cut it into the correct shape using the template, which is available as a separate pdf file for this idea. Attach this to the greeting card using double-sided adhesive tape. Also attach self-adhesive rhinestone half-pearls and painted wooden decorations.
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2.. Napkin ring: shape a triple heart from soft bonsai wire (aluminium wire). Thread mother-of-pearl plastic beads onto a piece of silver-plated wire and wrap this around the triple heart.
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3.. Table decoration: Shape a large bauble from bonsai wire (soft aluminium wire). Thread mother-of-pearl plastic beads onto a piece of silver-plated wire and wrap this around the bauble. Display the bauble on a glass dish, decorated with a candle and a white flower (for example an orchid).
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4.. Folding box: Assemble the lid and the box following the instructions on the packaging. Cut a piece of bonsai wire (soft aluminium wire) and shape a heart in one end. Place the heart in the middle of the lid and wrap the aluminium wire around the box like a ribbon. Finish by twisting the end of the wire close to the heart and cut off the excess.
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5.. Place cards: Write a name on a punched out card heart using Uni Posca markers. Attach this heart onto the rim of the wine glass using a deco pin.
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6.. Table: decorate the table with a white tablecloth made from imitation fabric. Place a netted table runner on top and decorate with scattered deco stones and satin hearts.
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