A Keyring Fob made from Felt with coarse Stitches


This keyring fob is a felt shape sewn with coarse stitches directly onto the keyring. During the process it is filled with polyester stuffing and then decorated with glued-on pieces of felt and marker drawn graphics.

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1.   Draw a mirror-imaged shape onto the felt using a fabric marker. Cut it out.
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2.   Arrange the narrow piece of the cut-out felt shape around the keyring. Use coarse stitches when sewing the shape together. Leave a small opening. Use mercerised cotton yarn and a darning needle with a pointed tip.
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3.   Fill the figure with polyester stuffing through the small opening. Sew the opening together by hand.
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4.   Use your imagination for cutting out felt decorations. Glue onto the felt shape using Clear Multi Glue Gel.
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5.   Draw on the felt shape using fabric markers. You may draw facial features.
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