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Kits – Experience nature

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Take an exciting and creative journey into the natural world with this kit, which contains a bug and butterfly hotel, bug cage and magnifying glass, as well as creative mini kits for modelling and designing bugs, paints and brushes

Next time you go for a walk, bring a magnifying glass and a bug cage with you, so you can experience nature and insect life up close. You might find a ladybird, small beetles, caterpillars or similar. Back home, you can study your natural finds and recreate their fascinating details in drawings and models. Alternatively, why not pamper insects and butterflies by making an insect and butterfly hotel, where you follow along with their goings-on as different species move in. You can make the wooden objects extra attractive and colourful by painting them in bright colours with acrylic paint.

The acrylic paint can be used outside, while the Silk Clay insects are for indoors. Get inspiration and ideas for what to make from the pictures

Contents: insect and butterfly hotel, bug cage, magnifying glass, creative mini kits, acrylic paint, brushes

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