Creative kit – Crocheting


Creative kit – Crocheting

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Dive into the cosy art of crochet and all its useful applications with this kit, which contains everything you need to crochet a dishcloth, face scrubbie and net bag, including yarn, a crochet needle and stitch marker

With this kit, you can crochet a whole stack of dishcloths in coordinating colours and make your own crocheted face scrubbies. You can also try crocheting a net bag – it’s not difficult, but it does take a little longer to make

To keep the colour looking bright on your crocheted dishcloths and face scrubbies, it helps to soak them in cold water with a drop of clear vinegar. Many people believe that this also makes them more absorbent. You'll need ½ ball of yarn per dishcloth (20 x 20 cm) and 2 balls for a crocheted net shopping bag. You can make 6 scrubbies and 1 laundry bag out of 50 g yarn. Get inspiration and ideas for what to make from the pictures

Contents: cotton yarn, crochet needle, stitch marker

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