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  1. Inspiration: v13202 Hanging Decorations made from Layered Paper Stars on a Ribbon

    This star hanging decoration is made by punching out several different sizes of paper stars using a layer-on-layer punch. The stars are then glued together.

  2. Inspiration: v12017 Natural Christmas Hearts
  3. Inspiration: v11309 A Notice Board with Pegs
  4. Inspiration: v14819 A Latch hooked Wall Hanging with woollen Yarn
    This latch hooked wall hanging is made with pieces of woollen yarn which are tied onto a latch hook canvas with a latch hook.
  5. Inspiration: v10963 Doves of peace
  6. Inspiration: v10944 Timeless Art
  7. Inspiration: v14652 Fairy Lights with painted Rice Paper Lamps
    Small rice paper lamps are attached to these battery-powered LED lights. The rice paper lamps are decorated individually with Plus Color craft paint.
  8. Inspiration: v1437 Paintings for the cool ones
  9. Inspiration: v11526 Hanging sheep
  10. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  11. Inspiration: v12067 Green Icons with 3D Mosaic
  12. Inspiration: v12782 Wooden Products with Pearl Pen
  13. Inspiration: v1358 White Cones
  14. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage

    Paint a canvas panel black and glue on a piece of aluminium foil with glue lacquer. Glue on torn paper with a glue stick.

  15. Inspiration: v1604 Photo transfer to canvas

Items 1-36 of 126

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