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A transparent Bauble on a Stand with a Snowman, a Penguin and a Polar Bear inside


Make a small Winter Wonderland with a polar bear, a penguin and a snowman from Foam Clay and Silk Clay. The small figures are placed inside a transparent decorative plastic bauble. The bauble is placed on a card stand. The bauble and the stand together resemble a snow globe.

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A transparent Bauble on a Stand with a Snowman, a Penguin and a Polar Bear inside
A transparent Bauble on a Stand with a Snowman, a Penguin and a Polar Bear inside

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    How to do it
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    Print the template which is available as a PDF file on this page and cut out the stand and the circular base from card to fit inside the transparent plastic bauble.
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    Cut notches in both sides of the collar for the stand.
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    Assemble the collar by placing the tabs over each other as shown in the picture.
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    Secure the end of the card with double-sided adhesive tape.
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    Cover the card circle with Foam Clay.
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    Make the penguin by covering the polystyrene cone body with black Foam Clay and the head with white Foam Clay.
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    Make details on the penguin's head with black Foam Clay.
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    Model the penguin's wings, tail and tummy and attach the parts onto the body whilst the Foam Clay is still wet.
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    Make the penguin's beak from orange Silk Clay and attach it before it dries. Push in the black plastic eyes.
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    Push one of the snowman's arms into the penguin's wing.
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    Make the polar bear by covering a polystyrene cone body with white Foam Clay. Model arms, a tail and ears from Foam Clay and attach the parts onto the body.
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    Push the plastic eyes and the nose into place.
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    Make the snowman by covering two small polystyrene balls with white Foam Clay. Attach the balls and decorate the snowman with the remaining accessories for snowmen.
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    Tie a piece of striped cotton cord around the neck for the scarf.
    Guide step %d
    Place the three friends on the covered card circle. You may make snowballs and decorate further with white Foam Clay around the friends.
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    Carefully place the card circle inside the decorative transparent plastic bauble. The hanging loop of the bauble should be facing down.
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    Close the bauble.
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    Place the bauble on the card stand.
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