An Angel made from Stub Wires and Silk Yarn


The angel is formed on a basic frame made from stub wires. Mulberry Silk yarn is wrapped around the frame. The pointed hat is made from thick glue, sprinkled with glitter.

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An Angel made from Stub Wires and Silk Yarn
An Angel made from Stub Wires and Silk Yarn

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    How to do it
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    Cut two pieces of stub wire measuring 10cm and 25cm for the body.
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    Place the short wire across the long wire approx. 10 cm from the top. Use silver-plated wire for winding the two wires together for form a cross. Bend to form a hook at each end of the short wire for the hands - and at the top of the longest wire.
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    Pull the wooden bead approx. 6cm down on the wire for the head. Secure the wooden bead onto the wire using a glue gun. Apply a thick layer of glue from the top of the bead towards the top of the wire to make a hat, but not quite all the way up to the hook at the end of the wire.
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    Apply glue until the desired shape of the pointy hat is reached and sprinkle with glitter during this process.
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    Cut a 30cm long piece of Mulberry Silk yarn.
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    Place the yarn in the middle of the cross and wrap it around the wire shaping both arms. Finish with wrapping silver-plated wire around the ends of the arms for sleeve cuffs.
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    Cut four 30cm long pieces of Mulberry Silk yarn. Put these together in pairs and place them over each of the angel's shoulders.
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    Shape the dress from these four pieces of yarn. Gather at the waist using silver-plated wire. Trim the length of the dress.
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    Fray the ends of the yarn using your fingers and backcomb.
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    Cut wings from silver stamping foil. Edge a pattern using a sharp object such as a sharp pencil.
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    Attach the wings using a glue gun. Attach a piece of silver-plated wire to the end of the pointy hat (the hook) for hanging.
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