Crocheting, sewing and knitting

Become inspired and immerse yourself in traditional needlework. Here you will find tons of free ideas for knitting, sewing, embroidery and crochet and much more - for example: free knitting recipes. All ideas have a step by step guide, so you receive thorough instruction without skipping details.

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  1. Inspiration: v15744 An angel needle-felted onto polystyrene
    Make this angel by needle felting carded wool onto a polystyrene egg. The angel is then decorated with rocaille seed beads and a piece of cotton yarn is attached for hanging.
  2. Inspiration: v11462 Funny woollen Monsters
  3. Inspiration: v14391 An Angel made from Craft Felt
  4. Inspiration: v13970 A felted Neck Warmer made from Pre-Felt Fabric and Merino Wool

    A neck warmer made from pre-felt fabric, decorated with circles made from colourful Merino wool, felted with soap water and dried in the tumble dryer.

  5. Inspiration: v13918 Needle felted Pixies in Pots
  6. Inspiration: v13644 A Needle-felted Picture
  7. Inspiration: v13585 A Keyring Fob made from Felt with coarse Stitches

    This keyring fob is a felt shape sewn with coarse stitches directly onto the keyring. During the process it is filled with polyester stuffing and then decorated with glued-on pieces of felt and marker drawn graphics.

  8. Inspiration: v13155 A Felted Mushroom
  9. Inspiration: v12952 A Polystyrene Egg with Needle Felted Carded Wool

    This polystyrene egg is needle felted with carded wool in a simple pattern. A hanging is made from mercerised cotton yarn and a wooden bead.

  10. Inspiration: v12849 A Felted Bag for an Ipad
  11. Inspiration: v11828 Reindeer with a Felt Blanket
  12. Inspiration: v1483 A Wet-Felted Scarf
  13. Inspiration: v1459 An Elf-Shaped Pixie Hat

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