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Let children use their creative skills with exciting ideas for indoors and outdoors activities. On this page you'll find lots of child-friendly inspiration with guides.

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  1. Inspiration: v16127 Play crafting bingo with the entire family
    Play with the entire family by getting the bingo board full and then making your own figure. Print a crafting bingo board for each of the participants and pick a caller. Make sure to have toilet rolls and other cardboard tubes ready for the game, creating fun and creative figures with colourful craft materials.
  2. Inspiration: v15705 Dolls made from clothes pegs
  3. Inspiration: v15147 Pixel Art with Rya
  4. Inspiration: v14755 Magnetic Figures from Pipe Cleaners with Silk Clay and Foam Clay
    These three magnets are decorated with child figures. Each child is made from a pipe cleaner skeleton with magnets for the hands and a polystyrene ball for the head. Everything is covered with Silk Clay and Foam Clay.
  5. Inspiration: v14797 A Pencil with a Silk Clay Head
  6. Inspiration: v12370 A Card Mosaic Caterpillar

    Card mosaic discs are threaded onto a piece of fishing line with Nabbi Beads between each cardboard disc.

  7. Inspiration: v12003 Elephants in Color Bar
  8. Inspiration: v10424 Sequin Mix

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