A Puppet Theatre in a Shoe Box


Children's spatial, linguistic and personal intelligence is enhanced by this creative project. Children's personal intelligence is enhanced when making a puppet theatre in a shoe box, where the children themselves are the main characters, expressing their own personality through the lead role. Children's spatial intelligence is enhanced when creating theatre scenes in shoe boxes, working with in front of/behind, over/under, inside/outside etc. Children's linguistic intelligence is enhanced further when they bring to life a theatre puppet's character whilst creating it and performing with it.

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A Puppet Theatre in a Shoe Box
A Puppet Theatre in a Shoe Box

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    How to do it
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    Cut out a face from an enlarged, printed class photo or a portrait photo and glue it onto a decorated card puppet body.
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    Cut out the body and glue it onto a long thin stick.
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    Make the puppet theatre stage backdrop from card and attach it inside the shoe box with tape so that you can change the scene easily.
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    Cut slots in the top of the shoe box for passing the sticks through.
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    Add stage props placed at the bottom of the shoe box.
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    You may decorate the box lid and use it as the edge of the stage.
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    The performance can start now.
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    A day at the riding stable.
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    Drama on the football pitch.
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    A magical fairy-tale.
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    Spatial intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to perceive, recognise and express themselves within the spatial, real world.
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    Linguistic intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to think in terms of speech, use language and have aptitude for learning new words and foreign languages.
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