A Bird Box – Build your own


The bird box is made from sawn out strips of wood, assembled with Dana Super Hobby Glue and nails. The entrance hole is made with a drill and a hole saw attachment.

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A Bird Box – Build your own
A Bird Box – Build your own

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    How to do it
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    Body-wise (physical-kinaesthetic): Did you know that children's physical-kinaesthetic intelligence is enhanced when they use tools?
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    Nature-wise (natural intelligence): Children's natural intelligence is developed when they watch and actively participate in projects that relate to the changing of the seasons.
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    Print out the dimensional drawing of the bird box, available as a separate PDF file for this idea. For the actual box you will need four pieces of wood, each measuring 10.5 x 37 cm. Use a 5 x 37cm piece of wood for the roof.
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    Measure, draw and saw the pieces of wood according to the instructions on the drawing.
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    Drill a hole for hanging at the top of the box at the back, as well as a hole in the base for drainage (in the corner). Use a hole saw attachment on the drill for drilling an entrance hole at the front of the box, min. 20cm from the base as this provides the best shelter and space for building the nest. Follow the instructions and refer to the photo.
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    Assemble the bird box according to the instructions on the drawing. Glue the parts together with Dana Super Hobby Glue and clamp them together.
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    Roof: The three strips of wood forming the roof are glued together side by side lengthwise. Then a 9.5 x 9.5 cm piece of wood is attached. Place it 4cm from one of the long sides of the roof.
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    Put a nail in all the joints of the box.
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    The bird box is now ready for painting or varnishing, if you wish. Use weather resistant acrylic lacquer.
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    NB: The location of the bird box and the hole size on the entrance hole, determines which birds move in. In this example, the entrance hole is 32 mm. Further information about the types of local birds can be found online.
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