Watercolour paper


Watercolour paper

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Thick, 100% cellulose watercolour paper in excellent quality with a structured surface

In order to succeed with watercolours, we recommend that you use watercolour paints in pans with mother of pearl pigments (these allow the colour to stand out on the black paper). Alternatively, you can use classic watercolour paint pans, where you mix the white colour with all the other colours from the palette. The colours will appear on the black watercolour paper as pastel colours. Crayons: Use the porous soft pastels, the soft and greasy oil pastels or the hard wax crayons etc. directly on the watercolour paper. Naturally, the lightest colours will appear strongest on the black paper. Remember to fix the soft pastels with Fixative when you have finished.

If you want to work with light colours on a dark base, this watercolour paper is an excellent choice that can be used in a variety of ways. The black colour of the paper provides new decorative possibilities, not only with watercolour paint but also with crayons like soft pastels, oil pastels and so on. Whatever you use, it's important to choose a material with a high pigment content.

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