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Make beautiful everlasting flowers in colourful crepe paper as an alternative to fresh or dried flowers. You can also use crepe flowers in wreaths or with gifts. If you’re a beginner, you can buy our Starter Craft Kit. Here, you'll learn the techniques step by step, so that you reach your goal with your paper flowers – afterwards, you can easily build on the techniques by buying other kits and visiting our creative technique universe. If you’ve made crepe flowers before, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and new materials in our crepe paper selection, which has plenty of colourful items for beautiful, homemade everlasting bouquets.


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If you have not made crepe flowers before, you can buy our Starter Craft Kit.

Scan the QR code and find videos that guide you through the process and teach you different techniques. This ensures you always end up with a nice end result.

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Crêpe paper flowers

Flowers can be found at the local florists or in the wild – and if your fingers are more creative than green, you can also make them yourself. Crêpe paper flowers have become a hit everywhere – especially in the home, where they can be used to decorate vases, windowsills and wreaths. The flowers, which are sometimes called paper flowers as well as crêpe flowers, are just as beautiful and decorative as the real thing – and they're easier to make than you might think. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can create all the flowers you know and love – from lilies, poppies and peonies to tulips, daffodils and bluebells. Afterwards, you can use the flowers individually – or you can gather your favourite flowers together in a beautiful everlasting bouquet.

If you become as fascinated with crêpe flowers as we are, we have several craft kits that make it easy for you to get started with the technique. We also have a universe of ideas, where you can always find inspiration for your next crêpe flower.

Craft kits with crêpe paper

If you can't wait to create your own paper flowers, our craft kits are the perfect solution. With them, you're guaranteed a blooming start to an exciting new hobby – they contain all the materials and all the instructions you need. Each kit is also equipped with a QR code – if you scan the code, you will be taken directly to our video guides. Here, you can watch technique videos whenever you want. This way, you can learn at a pace that suits you.

If you're a beginner in making crêpe flowers and want to learn the technique from scratch, our Starter Craft Kit is the perfect choice. Through a comprehensive video guide, you'll learn all the right techniques – and when you’re done, you can expand with our Mini Craft Kits. If you've made crêpe flowers before and are looking for new inspiration, you can always visit our idea universe – where you'll find plenty of inspiration for eternity flowers.

You can also explore your creativity and make your own floral combinations and bouquets based on the techniques you have learned. We have all the materials you need on our website – including a large selection of crêpe paper in all the colours of the rainbow.


The benefits of crêpe flowers

Fresh flowers directly from the garden are a lovely sight, but they rarely last long – unlike crêpe flowers. Flowers made from crêpe paper are known for being long-lasting – so long, in fact, that many call them eternity flowers.

In addition to their longevity, there are other reasons to go from hand-picked to hand-made. Paper flowers give you a much greater opportunity to be creative – because you're not bound by nature’s design. You can experiment freely with different colours, shapes and expressions when working with crêpe paper. In addition, our crêpe paper is incredibly flexible to work with – the paper has a stretch percentage of 180%, which makes it so elastic that you can stretch and shape it without it breaking. 

It sounds almost too good to be true – but if you choose to ride the crêpe wave, we can promise you flowers that have all the advantages. You get flowers that never wilt, are completely pollen-free and do not require any care. Plus, the possibilities for creativity are almost endless. 


Crêpe flower inspiration

If you need inspiration, you can always visit our idea universe – where you'll find many different crêpe flowers to suit all this year’s seasons.

As spring approaches, you can make daffodils and tulips from crêpe paper – and by combining both, you have a lovely everlasting bouquet for the Easter table, which you can use year after year. You can opt to stick with the classic spring colours or go for your favourite colour. Whichever colour you choose, crêpe flowers make some of the most beautiful decorations for spring and Easter. 

For Christmas, you can make both a Christmas star and mistletoe, and you can also make your own advent wreath from crêpe paper. And don't forget all the flowers that bring joy all year round – for example:

All these classic flowers can be made using our step-by-step guides. For a more adventurous look, try using bolder colours. For example, make them with pink stems and blue leaves – and get a fresh and different eternity bouquet for your home. Whether you follow the instructions to the letter or go where your imagination takes you, you can use homemade flowers in so many contexts – read more about crêpe flowers' potential in the section below.


Flowers for everyday and parties

Once you’ve finished your design, you can finally start using the crêpe flowers – whether you're decorating your home or adding styling touches to a special occasion:

  • For example, use the crêpe flowers as festive decorations – whether it's for a birthday, wedding, christening or confirmation.
  • Fill your home with colour and put together beautiful eternity bouquets that can be used to decorate tables or windowsills.
  • Create a colourful everlasting bouquet for a loved one – a great gift that will bring joy for a very long time.

Make your own crêpe flowers and choose for yourself what you'd like to use them for – we're sure you can find many more options besides those listed above.

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