Ideas for creative learning and activities for children

Give the children a break from everyday life and let them enjoy fun new creative activities. Teach your children to draw, crochet or sew or how to paint or model with our wide range of Starter Craft Kits. Our exciting creative Craft Kits and Starter Kits with instructions and guides stimulate children’s development and concentration, while improving their stamina and teaching them a fun new hobby. Once the children have learned a new technique, they can easily build on that technique – or maybe even try an exciting new activity. On this page, you’ll find lots of craft ideas for creative activities that children love and that let them immerse themselves in a world of imagination – from drawing with markers and making jewellery with beads to crocheting for beginners, crafting with modelling clay and making kumihimo bracelets – and lots of other easy and creative activities for children.

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Teach the children new creative activities

Our Starter Craft Kits for children contain all the materials needed for the activity and QR codes for videos that guide children through the activities and teach them different techniques.

Teach the children new creative activities

Our Starter Craft Kits for children contain all the materials needed for the activity and QR codes for videos that guide children through the activities and teach them different techniques.

See all Starter Craft Kits for children

See all Starter Craft Kits for children

Check out our latest ideas

Check out our latest ideas


Let the children learn new, creative things

If you're looking for creative activities for children, you've come to the right place. Here on this page, we have gathered all our Starter Craft Kits, making learning and creativity easy for children. You can choose from various activities, ranging from jewellery making, modelling, and drawing to popular crafts such as crochet and sewing. Each starter kit is designed to make it extra easy to learn new techniques. All the materials are included in the kit, and children are guided through thorough instructions and video guides to help them succeed. All of this is meant to make it easy to learn a new, creative hobby – whether you have a house filled with teenagers or younger school children.


Indoor activities for children

Engaging in indoor activities with your children is always enjoyable – especially during holidays, weekends, and festive seasons, offering a fantastic opportunity to spend time together. There are plenty of activities that children can do with our Start Craft Kits. They can colour, crochet, and sew – or create their own jewellery with beads. If you want to learn a new hobby together with your children, you can check out our Starter Craft Kits for adults here.


Make your own jewellery

If you have older school-aged children, bead jewellery might be just the thing. In our Starter Carft Kit, we have gathered everything for fine DIY jewellery – including jewellery cord, jewellery parts, and beads in various colours and shapes. Simply follow the simple instructions and create bracelets and earrings that reflect personality and style. The best thing about our jewellery starter kit is that children can make jewellery at home whenever they feel like it. It's a fun and relaxing activity that can be immersed in for hours.

But jewellery can also be something made together with others. Siblings or friends can gather and make the cutest bracelets with the braiding technique, kumihimo. They can add fun figure beads - or spell each other's names with letter beads – a perfect craft project for older school children. All you need is our Starter Craft Kit Kumihimo. With it, children get all the right materials – learn all the important techniques – and become super skilled on a braiding disc.

On the other hand, for younger school children, we recommend bead jewellery with elastic cord. Try, for example, our jewellery set for children aged 6 and above, making jewellery making a fun and easy activity. Here, the beads have extra-large holes, making it easy to thread the cord through. This way, even the little fingers can participate. Children particularly strengthen their fine motor skills in hands and fingers when making jewellery. See our Start DIY Kit


Learn to crochet

Surprise your children with our beginner crochet set. Here, children as young as 8 can learn to crochet. The popular handicraft is no longer just for adults – children can also benefit from crocheting. By crocheting, they can express creativity through colours and shapes – and they can also create unique things that reflect their personality. That's why we have put together a smart crochet kit that is perfect for beginners. The kit contains all the materials they need – both yarn and crochet hook – and through videos and guidance, they learn different crochet stitches and techniques. When finished, they have created two crocheted bags in beautiful pastel colours – one shoulder bag and one mobile bag.


Learn to draw

Do you have children who love to draw and colour? Then try our Starter Craft Kit Colouring, perfect for older children with lots of drawing joy. We have filled the kit with the best alcohol illustration markers, a bonus if you want to learn to colour evenly – create fine shadows – or lighten a colour. The markers would usually bleed through regular paper, but that's not a problem with the included drawing paper. The paper is extra thick, so children can confidently colour away. If children want to practice, you can buy paper and markers individually on the website. But if you buy our starter kit, they can practice on the preprinted illustrations and drawing templates.


Learn to model

Modelling is always a sure hit with children – and we understand why. It's both fun, relaxing, and creative – and you can use lots of imagination to create something unique with your hands. With our modelling starter kit, children as young as 6 can learn to model with Silk Clay. They have access to videos that teach them how to roll, shape, and mix colours. Children can immerse themselves in these modelling techniques and create cute figures that can be used for keychains and decorations. You can find our Starter Craft Kit Modelling right here.


Learn to sew

Sewing is not as difficult as many think. The old handicraft requires both immersion and concentration, but children as young as 6 can also learn to sew. If your children also want to learn it, we recommend our Start Carft Kit Sewing. Here, they learn the basic sewing techniques so they can create their own stuffed animals.


Why is it important for children to be creative?

Creativity is very important for children. When children are creative, they use their imagination – and they become better at coming up with new ideas and solving problems. At the same time, it also boosts their confidence. When they create something creative, they feel proud and happy because they have made something themselves. Creativity also strengthens important skills that children will need throughout their lives – especially in school. They become better at thinking logically, immersing themselves, and collaborating with others.


What creative things can I do with my children?

There are plenty of fun and creative things you can do together with your children. A fantastic way to explore creativity is to start a creative hobby together. Here, we can recommend the following hobbies:

  • Create unique jewellery with beads
  • Sew small felt teddy bears
  • Crochet pastel-coloured bags
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Make crepe paper flowers
  • Cast small trays and dishes
  • Paint with watercolours

If you need more inspiration, you can find creative ideas for children right here.

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