Create festive cheer with paper decorations

Are you also looking forward to making beautiful Christmas decorations for the festive season? Beautiful cones, red Christmas hearts, sweet angels and pretty Christmas stars decorate the Christmas tree and spread Yuletide cheer in your home. There's hardly anything more cosy than a day spent making Christmas paper decorations, where the whole table is bursting with beautiful paper in joyful festive colours. You can use our creative kits that are filled with beautiful paper and everything else you need for wrapping Christmas decorations, or you can buy our new, large Christmas kits with materials for making this holiday's prettiest cones.

Spread Christmas cheer in your home with lovely Christmas stars, beautiful cones and cute angels.

It's easy to make classic Christmas decorations out of paper

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Love making classic paper Christmas decorations? Be inspired by our many ideas and look forward to cosy moments with Christmas paper, scissors and glue.

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The joy of Christmas decorations

Christmas is all about red hearts, classic paper cones and long garlands in bright seasonal colours. Homemade paper decorations are an eternal classic that you can return to year after year – and you can easily make them all yourself. It’s easier than you think with our packs. For example, try our papercuts pack and get everything you need to create a festive atmosphere with cut-out paper Christmas decorations – including materials, templates and inspiration. Or, try a creative mix from our selection – it’s filled with paper in different colours and patterns – and use the photos that accompany our range as inspiration. Regardless of which package you choose, you're guaranteed plenty of Christmas decorations – both ones that can be hung on the tree and ones that can decorate the windowsill. Find our different packages right here.

If you need more inspiration, you can always visit our Christmas universe, where you'll find lots of ideas for paper Christmas decorations.


Inspiration for Christmas decorations

Paper is super-easy to work with – you can cut it, glue it and fold it together – and you can even get it in a wealth of different colours and patterns. That’s why paper is also the most popular material for making Christmas decorations.

For example, did you know that you can make Christmas decorations from crêpe paper? Crêpe paper is a big hit everywhere and is incredibly flexible to work with. For example, you can make the cutest mistletoe – not to mention a striking Advent wreath out of crêpe paper. Both make wonderful Christmas decorations – you can place the mistletoe in the doorway while the Advent wreath can hang over the festive table – and when the holidays are over, you can store them away until next Christmas.

Perhaps you'd rather make Christmas decorations that don't take too much effort? Then these paper Christmas candles are the perfect project for you. Take your paper, and simply cut out two identical pieces of each shape and colour. Then glue them together with Sticky Base around a gold thread to create the most beautiful candles for the Christmas tree or windowsill. Add a little glitter glue at the end and you can get Christmas candles that sparkle in low light.

Of course, we have not forgotten all the timeless Christmas decorations that are classics to hang from the Christmas tree – think hearts, cones, stars and paper drums. We’ve gathered some of the favourites so you can be inspired by some tried and tested classics – try making:

It’s homemade Christmas decorations like this one that set the scene for a cosy December – so it's just a matter of making plenty of them. You can follow our ideas precisely and opt for classic Christmas colours – but you can also experiment with fresh contemporary tones and imaginative expressions. Making sure you choose the style you like best will make your Christmas decorations magical. 

If you need more inspiration, you can also visit our Christmas universe, where all our Christmas decoration ideas are gathered. 


Make Christmas decorations with the whole family

Christmas is the time of year for gathering family around the big table and making long lengths of Christmas decorations with paper cutouts – it’s both fun and cosy, and the children love to join in. For example, the children can make long garlands and cute angels with wings – while the adults weave Christmas hearts and fold Christmas stars with weaving paper strips. Before you know it, you'll have a wide range of seasonal decorations for the Christmas tree, festive table and children’s room. But before you start cutting, you can set the right mood – light the candles and turn up the Christmas music, and you’re all set for a cosy Christmas crafting day at home.  

Find plenty of inspiration for your big Christmas crafting day under the category homemade Christmas decorations.

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