Count down to Christmas with your very own elf

Do you have a mischievous little house elf who comes to stay in December? Use the elf door and its (possibly invisible) elf to tell stories to the youngest members of the family throughout December – and create a cosy elf landscape around the door. Our new Deluxe Elf Door pack gives you lots of cute elf activities. You can also buy our Mini Craft Kits, which contain one simple and fun activity, or go hunting on our website for more elfish ideas.
The countdown to Christmas helps sweeten the wait for kids, and there are lots of fun and cute activities and mischief for the elf to get up to – from hanging up the laundry to building a snowman and painting a self-portrait. Suddenly, overnight the elf can have a garden with a wheelbarrow, garden chair, toadstools and fir trees – or perhaps a toilet shed or a new veranda.

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The Christmas Elf moves in

With an elf door, you can get a visit from the cutest, cosiest and most cheeky December guest – the Christmas elf. It’s not only entertaining for the whole family – it’s also an activity packed with crafting opportunities. Once the door is set up, you can create your own little seasonal wonderland at the front – complete with small Christmas trees, Christmas mail and Christmas presents. You can keep adding things as you go, so that the kids can watch the wonderland grow and grow. For example, have your elf doing cute little elf chores – it can bake, do the laundry or build a snowman. But a real Christmas elf can also be mischievous and loves to play pranks around the home. For example, things can get lost, milk can turn blue and cookies can be mysteriously eaten. Anything can happen when the elf moves in.

If you try our elf door, you can also experience the fun of having an elf in your home. Our Craft Kit contains everything you need – from materials to instructions and inspiration. Afterwards, you can supplement with our Mini Craft Kits, which are filled with small elf activities. They can make the countdown to Christmas extra cosy. Read more about this below.


Countdown to Christmas

Although it’s December, the run-up to Christmas can feel long – especially for the youngest members of the family. Fortunately, you can make it a little easier with lots of elf activities. One day, the elf might build a rope ladder –  while another day, it could be baking  Christmas cakes. Suddenly, the children can't wait to get out of bed in the morning – and find out what the elf has been up to while they slept. The daily elf activities and harmless mischief give the children the perfect countdown for Christmas – and beat both the Advent calendar and the Advent candle in capturing their interest.

If you need inspiration for your little elf’s activities, try our Mini Craft Kits. Each kit has everything you need – including products, instructions and videos. For example, you can make yours look like:

You can also go on the hunt for Christmas elf suggestions on our website – we've gathered a whole lot of different ideas in our creative universe. Find the ideas you like and let the cosy countdown begin.


A cosy tradition for children

Children in particular love to be visited by the elf in December – it facilitates imagination and empathy, and helps to make Christmas extra cosy. You can sit in front of the elf door and tell sweet Christmas stories about the mischievous creature and its enchanting universe – or you can make rice pudding and leave a little bowl of it out for the elf. Maybe the elf will even leave a small gift if the children have been especially sweet. Small activities like these are great fun for the youngest members of the family – who knows, perhaps they will become an annual Christmas tradition that you do together.


Inspiration for elf mischief

According to ancient lore, the elf is a supernatural creature known for its magical powers – for example its ability to predict that year's harvest. Today, the elf is more associated with fun, trouble and harmless mischief. The days leading up to Christmas will go quickly filled with elven mischief – because children love to see what the elf has come up with. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve gathered some harmless, fun elf mischief ideas for you to try:

  • The elf has played with the toilet paper: Tie household items to the toilet paper roll, such as the TV remote control, toys or footwear.
  • The elf has changed the light bulbs: Replace the bulbs in the children’s room with red and green bulbs to light up the room in festive Christmas colours.
  • The elf has coloured the milk blue: Drizzle the milk with blue food colouring and surprise the children at the breakfast table.
  • The elf has been in the flour: Sprinkle flour on the table or floor and make tiny elf footprints with the toy shoe of a small doll or a teddy bear.

We hope that these elf mischief ideas have given you some inspiration – and helped you think of your own mischievous activities.

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