Children's colourful Christmas

Children love colours and children love Christmas. Let the children unleash their imagination, mix colours and materials and create lots of colourful, festive Christmas decorations that spread holiday cheer all December long. This page contains lots of ideas for children to make all kinds of homemade and personal Christmas decorations – for example, give familiar Christmas designs a colourful make-over and decorate them with pipe cleaners, beads and glitter. Getting creative in December is also synonymous with greater presence and family time – gather around the table and create magical homemade Christmas decorations together, enjoying a wonderful break from the hectic holiday festivities in December and creating memories for life. Christmas decorations made by children always bring a smile every time they are taken out. So, expand the Christmas collection year after year to the delight of both young and old Christmas lovers – see all our easy children's Christmas decoration Craft Kits below. Our numerous colourful Christmas kits can be mixed and matched to your heart's content.  


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Creativity in a Box

Create magical memories with Christmas baubles

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Creativity in a Box for children

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See our huge Christmas universe

Want to see much more for your creative Christmas? Find more ideas and products in our huge Christmas universe.

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See our huge Christmas universe

Want to see much more for your creative Christmas? Find more ideas and products in our huge Christmas universe.

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Add colour to Christmas

Welcome to our magical Christmas world for children, where imagination, colours, and creativity take centre stage! In our view, creative Christmas activities are an outstanding way to bond with family. That's why we've curated a range of craft kits ideal for embracing the warmth of December. Our kits inspire children to unleash their imagination, mix colours and materials, and create lots of colourful Christmas decorations. Check out the full range on this page and find your kids favourites. Take a look at what we have to offer—paper angels, beaded Christmas hearts, sequin Christmas stars, and much more – and prepare for a burst of colourful Christmas décor.


Imaginative Christmas decorations for children

Christmas is mainly about family, especially for those with kids. It's the season when warmth and creativity take the spotlight, bringing everyone together, no matter their age. Many children love making Christmas crafts like garlands, stars, and paper angels, and if there's extra time in December, there might be room for homemade Christmas figures created from free imagination. When imagination runs wild, Christmas decorations becomes much more fun, featuring unique mixes of lively colours like pink, blue, and purple instead of the usual red, green, and gold.

Allowing children to create their own Christmas decorations has several advantages:

  • Creative expression: Creating Christmas decorations from imagination allows children to express their creative abilities. They can experiment with colours, shapes, and materials, stimulating their creativity.
  • Confidence and pride: Allowing children to create their own Christmas decorations boosts their confidence. Seeing the results of their efforts and being proud of what they have created can have a positive impact on their self-perception.
  • Personal connection to Christmas: By making personalized Christmas decorations, children feel a stronger connection to Christmas. They create memories and traditions that can last a lifetime.
  • Fine motor skills development: Working with small details, as often required in making Christmas decorations, helps develop children's fine motor skills.


Sweet Christmas memories with the family

Are you looking for easy activities for your children in December? Our craft kits are the perfect solution. Each kit includes exciting materials and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide so you and the children can create colourful Christmas decorations together. Skip the hassle of buying materials separately and just enjoy the crafting process. Once you've finished making Christmas hearts, stars, and playful twists on traditional motifs, feel free to decorate your Christmas your creations. The decorations can be used for many years to come, and if you like, you can mix them with both new and old to create a completely unique look. Create a new Christmas tradition by hanging the decorations together. Children are especially fond of traditions, and loves rediscovering the same small figures year after year.


Play with the materials

When making Christmas decorations, you can use a variety of materials. Many may prefer paper and cardboard, but when it comes to children's Christmas decorations, there are also other materials you can use. Try, for example, glitter, sequins, bead pearls, or chenille. These materials make Christmas decorations extra festive – and there are several reasons for that.

Glitter and sequins make Christmas decorations look even more festive. You can sprinkle them or glue them on to get a shiny and glittering effect. Children enjoy playing with glitter because it feels fun and different. It also makes surfaces beautiful and bright when the light hits them.

Fuse beads are great for bringing out children's creative side. They can create colourful patterns and figures by placing the beads on a board and then ironing them to melt together. When children place beads one by one, it strengthens their hand fine motor skills and concentration.

Chenille – also called pipe cleaners – are both soft and flexible, so children can easily turn them into Santa Clauses, reindeer, or Christmas trees. Try, for example, our Craft Kit, where children can make their own Christmas figures with chenille.


Decorate for Christmas with colours

Kids' homemade Christmas decorations can brighten up different areas in your home, spreading festive cheer. You can use them as ornaments on the Christmas tree, adding a personal touch and colour. Feel free to hang these decorations in other parts of your home for a cozy holiday vibe. Here are some ideas:


  • Christmas tree: This is the most traditional place to hang Christmas decorations. Let the children place their decorations on the tree – it gives a more personal touch, and children usually love to help decorate.
  • Windows: Hang Christmas decorations on the windows using strings, stickers, or suction cups. If they are small Christmas figures that can stand on their own, you can also place them on the windowsill.
  • Doors: Decorate doors with Christmas decorations, either indoors or outdoors. This creates a festive welcome for everyone entering your home.
  • Walls: Use strings or decorative ribbons to hang Christmas decorations on the walls in different rooms. This can create a festive atmosphere throughout the house. If you have a bulletin board, this is also an obvious place for children's works. Hang them up with pushpins and see how nice it looks.
  • Children's rooms: If children have made special decorations, it can be nice to let them hang them up in their own rooms. This will give them a sense of pride and joy.
  • String lights: Integrate children's Christmas decorations into string lights to create beautiful and unique Christmas lighting. It fits perfectly for the dark December evenings when extra coziness is needed.


Make it a fun experience for children to decorate and place their homemade Christmas decorations around the home.

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