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Take a break from the December hustle and bustle and spread lots of magical Christmas cheer with our wonderful Creativity in a Box. Get ready to decorate your home with Christmas decorations in light, Scandinavian style with beautiful paper, felt and self-hardening clay. Immerse yourself with our Craft Kits and create homemade Nordic Christmas decorations that spice up the Christmas table, add magic to the Christmas tree or bring nature indoors by hanging them on natural branches. Light, Scandinavian colours are the perfect match for traditional Christmas colours like red and green, so feel free to mix the two Christmas universes and let the Christmas spirit fill your home with our easy Craft Kits for creative Christmas breaks – see them all below.

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White Christmas peace

The charming simplicity and inviting warmth of Scandinavian Christmas décor have captivated hearts around the globe. That's why we've curated a diverse collection of products and ideas to embrace this beloved holiday trend. Whether you're drawn to crafting your own homemade decorations with our easy-to-use craft kits or seeking inspiration to embody the Nordic Christmas style, you'll find an abundance of options here. In Nordic Christmas tradition, less is often more – it's about fostering simplicity and serenity, cultivating a welcoming atmosphere at home, and cherishing moments shared with loved ones. Dive into our offerings today and discover your favourites to elevate this year's festive celebrations."


Nordic christmas decor trends

Nordic Christmas décor is known for its minimalist and timeless style, and there are other reasons for its popularity. One of the primary reasons is its focus on simplicity and authenticity. Traditionally, Scandinavian design is characterized by clean lines, natural colours, and an overall sense of calm – something that appeals to many during the hectic Christmas season. In this way, it's not about extravagant decorations or overwhelming amounts of gifts, but rather about creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere where the focus is on togetherness and presence. Scandinavian culture also plays a significant role in why many love this style. With its reputation for "hygge" – a Danish word for cosiness, valuing togetherness, comfort, and time spent with loved ones – Scandinavia has inspired a global movement towards a simpler and more meaningful lifestyle. Scandinavian Christmas décor serves as an extension of this philosophy by creating a space that encourages slowing down and enjoying the small moments.


Tranquillity, immersion, and creativity

As Christmas approaches and the pace quickens, you may feel like slowing down and creating a cozy base at home. This is where Scandinavian craft kits for Christmas decorations come into play as a popular and rewarding activity – and here's why. The popular Christmas style has a unique ability to calm the mind and reduce the stress and hustle of the Christmas season. In a time marked by abundance and hectic preparations, it's nice to have something light and simple. Instead of getting caught up in the pursuit of the perfect gift or the most impressive decoration, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of being with loved ones, savouring a warm cup of cocoa by the fireplace – and making homemade Christmas decorations. Making your own Christmas decorations is indeed a good way to slow down. It's your time to be creative, relax, and enjoy the process.


Christmas decor in light shades

Christmas doesn't have to be red and green to be cosy and festive. Many people are enamoured with the bright, Scandinavian Christmas style. It embraces a palette of neutral colours like white, grey, beige, and soft pastels. This creates a perfect backdrop for beautiful Christmas decorations that include natural materials like wood, wool, felt, and branches. And whether you're making stars, hearts, or small, delicate Christmas trees, the light colours easily fit into different types of homes – both modern and more traditional.


Christmas decor with craft kits

Our craft kits are the easiest solution if you love making your own Christmas decorations. Each kit provides you with everything you need to get started. You don't have to run around searching for materials – everything is included in the box, saving you both time and hassle. Additionally, our craft kits also come with instructions or videos to guide you through the process. This is especially useful if you're a beginner or lacking inspiration. Try a Christmas kit with your family or friends so you can experience the many benefits. Choose your favourites and gather around the table to create homemade Christmas decorations. It's super easy – and it's also a cosy way to spend time together.


What kinds of nordic Christmas decorations can I make?


Felt Christmas decorations

Felt ornaments are a fantastic way to add a cosy and Nordic atmosphere to your Christmas decorations. With their simple expression, they fit perfectly into the bright and minimalist Christmas style. For example, you can make beautiful felt Christmas hearts that symbolise love and warmth during the holiday season. Cut out the hearts in different sizes and hang them on the Christmas tree or around your home. You can also embroider or add small details to give them a personal touch.


Origami ornaments

Origami Christmas decorations are a creative and fun way to add a personal and unique touch to your Christmas decorations. With origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, you can create beautiful and delicate decorations that will delight both yourself and your guests throughout the Christmas season.

One of the most popular origami Christmas figures is stars. These can be folded in different ways and sizes, allowing you to create a whole constellation to decorate with. Hang them in the window or on the Christmas tree to add an extra sparkle to your Christmas decorations. Doves are also a favourite in the origami world and can symbolise peace and love during the holiday season. Fold your own doves and let them soar around your home as beautiful and peaceful decorations.

With your own origami decorations, you can create a completely unique and personal atmosphere that will make this Christmas season even more memorable. So fold away and let your creativity flow freely – Christmas is waiting for your beautiful origami creations.


Christmas decorations in resin cast

Making your own Christmas decorations in resin is an exciting way to add a modern and elegant touch to the bright, Scandinavian Christmas style. Resin cast is a versatile material that hardens into a smooth and durable surface, perfect for creating beautiful and minimalist Christmas decorations.

A popular choice is to cast Christmas trees in resin. These trees can be in different sizes and shapes, and they can be customised with a touch of glitter or a subtle layer of colour to match your décor. Place them on a shelf, as a centrepiece on your Christmas table, or even as part of your Christmas tree decorations to add a modern twist to tradition.

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