Textile medium


Textile medium

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Special textile medium that can be mixed with other types of paint in a 1:1 ratio so the paint can be used as textile paint on light-coloured fabrics. After heat-setting with an iron, the item can be washed at 40°C.

How to turn your water-based paint into fabric paint: If the fabric paint needs to be (almost) opaque, then your paint must be too. For example, mix the textile medium and opaque Plus Color Craft Paint at a ratio of 1:1 per colour. Make small portions, as the paint has good coverage. After decorating your textile piece, let it dry before heat setting with an iron. Remember to lay a sheet of parchment paper on top of the painted area. If you want a more transparent and watercolour-like look, the textile medium mixed with water at a ratio of 1:1 and can also be mixed with a thin, liquid watercolour paint. Depending on the desired intensity of the paint, drops of the liquid watercolour paint can be added to the medium. For a more powerful translucent look, add more paint. If you wish, you can moisten the textile piece so that the colours flow freely across the surface and run into each other to achieve the desired 'watercolour look'. Tip: Remember to place a sheet of plastic or similar inside textile pieces with a front and back so that the paint does not run through onto the back of the piece..

Once mixed, the textile paint can be used on all types of light fabrics made from cotton, polyester, polyamide etc.

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SeasonBasic craft
Retail quantity 1 bottle
Content quantity 100 ml
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