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Important to know when ordering

Minimum order at the multi purchase price (buy 6 packs.)

I den dynamiske blok herunder vises tekst til EDU kunder. Blokken hedder: "Symbol explanation - EDU - Minimum order at the multi purchase price"

I den dynamiske blok herunder vises tekst til B2B og B2C kunder. Blokken hedder: "Symbol explanation - B2C/B2B - Minimum order at the multi purchase price"

Contents (12 pcs/1 pack)

If an item contains more than one unit, the contents are stated in relation to the price. If you buy an item, where ’12 pcs/1 pack’ is indicated, it means that you purchase one pack containing 12 pcs.

Symbol explanation

You will notice several symbols on the webpage which are explained here. They are intended to aid and help find your bearings, both in terms of your shopping needs and important product information. Otherwise, over twelve thousand creative product may be a bit of a mouthful.

Special offer

This product is reduced compared to the normal price.


Save up to 90% on our outlet items. Basic items have been greatly reduced to make room for new inventory, in addition outgoing items or goods in small lots, which have been purchased for this purpose.


A new product in our range.

Free ideas – here's how

Take your pick and get inspired by our free archive of ideas for creative projects. All our ideas have a unique number. In our catalogues, this number is shown next to the idea image. Simply type the number in the search field on our website and you’ll see step-by-step instructions with photos and text.


The product is acid-free and pH neutral


Products marked with this symbol are lignin free, which has a positive impact on the life of the paper and the environment.

CE mark

The product complies with current EU legislation for 'Toys’ or 'Electrical and electronic products'. If a warning text is attached to the toy, it can be viewed on our website.

Food safe materials

Suitable for contact with food according to EU regulation 1935/2004.

The Swan Ecolabel

The Swan Ecolabel is the official sustainability ecolabel for the Nordic countries for non-food products. Products with this label indicate that the product is among the most environmentally friendly in that particular product category.

Oeko-Tex 100

Oeko-Tex 100 is a health label for textiles that guarantees the product meets all the strictest requirements for dyeing, azo dyes, pesticides and preservatives and complies with all applicable regulations. It is not an ecolabel but rather a health label, which means that the emphasis is on the end user.


The product limits both environmental impact and adverse health effects in children, adolescents and adults. The product complies with current legislation as well as stricter requirements set by the Joint Council of Creative & Hobby Materials.

The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is a recognised German ecolabel. Products marked with this label are made from 100% recycled paper and are only awarded to those products that consider the environment to the greatest extent possible, from production to disposal.


Environmental hazard

Health hazard


Chronic health hazard

Creative Learning

Ideas and/or materials, to stimulate mental growth in children aged 3 to 11 years old.


Køb stort ind, og få en ekstra god pris! Med vores storkøb får du en særlig god rabat på mange af vores mest populære varer, hvis du køber en større mængde.

Øget indtjening

Disse varenumre indeholder en større mængde varer - oftest 5-10 af hver variant. Ved køb af disse varenumre opnår du en besparelse sammenlignet med at købe varerne enkeltvis eller i mindre mængde. Dermed kan du øge din indtjening.

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