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Sunflowers and Daisies made from Silk Clay


Make a bouquet of flowers from Silk Clay and bonsai wire. The petals are easy to make using a shape cutter. The stalk is made from bonsai wire covered with Silk Clay.

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Sunflowers and Daisies made from Silk Clay
Sunflowers and Daisies made from Silk Clay

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    How to do it
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    Cut an approx. 20 cm piece of bonsai wire for one stalk. Bonsai wire is a soft aluminium wire which you can cut with an ordinary pair of scissors.
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    Attach a small blob of green Silk Clay around the middle of the bonsai wire.
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    Use your palm and fingers for rolling and thereby attaching the blob of Silk Clay around the wire. Leave the stalk to dry for 24 hours before the next step.
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    Press a blob of Silk Clay flat. Use a shape cutter to cut a leaf for the stalk.
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    Attach the leaf around the stalk. Roll a ball of Silk Clay and attach it onto the top of the stalk to make a flower bud.
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    Daisy: cut out lots of flower petals with the smallest shape cutter. In order to get the right shape, you may squeeze the shape cutter slightly as well as pulling the cut-out petals a bit length-wise.
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    Attach the flower petals onto and all the way around the Silk Clay flower bud.
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    Roll a Foam Clay ball, squeeze it slightly flat and attach it onto the middle of the flower bud.
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    Sunflower: cut petals with a larger shape cutter. Fold the flower petals as shown in the photo and attach them on top of and around the flower bud.
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    Roll a small ball of brown Foam Clay and push it slightly flat. Attach it onto the middle of the flower bud.
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    You may decorate the flowers further with ladybirds or other small insects. Model the insects from small blobs of Silk Clay an assemble to make your chosen insect.
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