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Assortment of double sided tape, 3D pads and double sided foil.
Contents: 5 m double sided tape (B: 6 mm), 1 sheet a 400 pcs. 3Dpads (5x5x2mm), 3 sheets of double sided foil (10x14 cm) .
Ideas made from this product
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  • Inspiration: 12727 A Greeting Card with a Cup Cake
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  • Inspiration: 12794 A Vivi Gade Design Vintage Greeting Card
  • Inspiration: 12925 A Greeting Card with a New York Napkin Design
  • Inspiration: 12926 Footballs on a Greeting Card, Invitation or Congratulations
  • Inspiration: 12927 A Red and White Football Greeting Card
  • Inspiration: 12938 Cards and Table Decorations with Hearts and a Married Couple
  • Inspiration: 12940 A Party Invitation and Card with a Bark Heart and Half-pearls
  • Inspiration: 12941 A Party Invitation and Cards with Galvanised Hearts
  • Inspiration: 12942 A Party Invitation, Card and Table Decoration with Daisies
  • Inspiration: 13189 A Metal Heart decorated with Music Notes Kraft Paper and an Angel
  • Inspiration: 13618 A Christmas Card with Cabochons and Vivi Gade Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 13619 Christmas Card with Design Paper Heart & Envelope with Wax Seal
  • Inspiration: 13620 A Christmas Card with a Design from the Vivi Gade Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 13746 A blue Greeting Card with Materials from the Happy Moments Series
  • Inspiration: 14960 An Invitation for a Christening with Photos
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  • Inspiration: 14963 A Place Card with a Pram for a Christening