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Split Ring, D: 15 mm, gold-plated, 100pcs


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Split ring for hanging and jewellery making.
D: 15 mm
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 13908 A Split Ring on a woven Vivi Gade Design Paper Star
  • Inspiration: 14171 A Star folded from Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 14208 A Star made from Vivi Gade black Gloss Paper Star Strips
  • Inspiration: 14220 A pyramid-shaped Star, woven from Paper Star Strips
  • Inspiration: 14170 A 3D Star from punched-out Vivi Gade Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 14337 A Portrait made with Watercolours and Drawing Gum
  • Inspiration: 14336 A Design made with Drawing Gum, Watercolours and a black Marker
  • Inspiration: 14898 A Clasp Purse from faux Leather Paper
  • Inspiration: 15057 A woven Christmas Star with a Harlequin Motif or a Drum Motif
  • Inspiration: 14990 A Christmas Star from Design Paper with the Nutcracker Motif
  • Inspiration: 15002 A Faux Leather Paper Angel and Christmas Tree
  • Inspiration: 15108 Stars made from Vellum Paper Star Strips and Gold Paper Star Strips covered with thin Silk Fibres
  • Inspiration: 15196 A Faux Leather Paper Tassel