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Oval soap dish made of clear glass with grooves in the base. The soap container can easily be decorated with glass and porcelain markers etc.

Before decorating with glass and porcelain stucco, for example, the soap dish should be clean, dry and free from grease. This will allow the colour to bind optimally to the shiny surface. To ensure that the decoration can withstand daily use and cleaning, it's recommended that you choose a type of pen that's dishwasher safe after heat curing in a conventional oven. The transparent glass also makes it possible to decorate the underside of the soap dish. If you want to decorate the soap dish with decoupage or other decorations, for example, you need to use a glue or lacquer that sticks to glass. Decoupage lacquer for glass and porcelain is heat cured in a conventional oven and can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A silicone-based adhesive such as Clear Multi glue gel is waterproof once dry and can also be wiped clean with a wet cloth afterwards.

Let the soap dish add a decorative element to your wash basin – perhaps with a bar of homemade soap

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