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Soap Base

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A mild, premade glycerine soap base/ soap mass (melt and pour soap) for DIY soapmaking. Melt the raw soap in a water bath at 70-75°C or in a microwave at 50-70°C

Melting over a water bath: Cut or chop the soap base into smaller pieces and place in a heat-resistant flask. Heat up water in a saucepan so that the temperature is below boiling point. Immerse the flask with the soap in the water bath. The soap will melt at 70-75°C. Melting in the microwave: Chop the soap base into small pieces and place in a microwave in a microwave-safe bowl. Set the temperature to 80% of the oven's max. temperature and heat the soap for max. 30 seconds at a time. Remove the bowl, stir, and put it back in again for 30 second intervals, until all the soap has melted. This is a quick and effective technique. If you wish, you can add scented oil, soap dyes etc. to the liquid soap mass before pouring it into silicone moulds. After casting in the mould, the soap should ideally be left for a few days before being wrapped.

Glycerin is good for both skin and hair. The soap gently cleans and moisturises and is a popular gift idea. If you wish, you can place the soap in a soap dish

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