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Skating Flexi Figures with Silk Clay


These Flexi figures' heads are modelled from Silk Clay around a wooden head. The figures are painted with Plus Color craft paint. The skateboard is made from a wooden Manilla tag with wheels made from beads.

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Skating Flexi Figures with Silk Clay
Skating Flexi Figures with Silk Clay

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    How to do it
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    Mix the Silk Clay modelling clay to get a desired skin colour. Model the Silk Clay around the flexi figure's head. The head comes with a wooden dowel for easy attachment to the body.
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    Make eyes from Silk Clay and press them onto the Silk Clay face.
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    Paint the flexi figure's body parts and the skateboard (the Manilla tag) using Plus Color craft paint. Let it dry.
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    Glue the various parts of the figure together using a glue gun. Attach pipe cleaners for hair.
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    Use black wooden beads for the skateboard's wheels. Glue these underneath the skateboard and shoes (for roller skates).
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