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Silver-plated Wire, 50 g, thickness 0.3 mm, silver-plated, 100m


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Metal wire with a gloss finish which is suitable for various craft projects and jewellery making.
50 g, thickness 0,3 mm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 12152 Punched out Daisies with a bead and a clothes peg
  • Inspiration: 12153 A flat Glass Bauble with Decoupage
  • Inspiration: 13966 A Star made from colourful Construction Straws on Florist Wire
  • Inspiration: 13978 A Happy Moments Greeting Card with a Rocaille Seed Bead Flower
  • Inspiration: 11070 Round earrings with rocaille seed beads.
  • Inspiration: 11650 An Origami Lily
  • Inspiration: 11700 A Heart from Drop-Shaped Glass Beads
  • Inspiration: 11701 An Ice Crystal from Drop-Shaped Glass Beads
  • Inspiration: 12078 Feather Angels
  • Inspiration: 12561 Hair Clips decorated with Foam Rubber and Sequins
  • Inspiration: 12662 A Fashionable Christmas Tree Candle Holder
  • Inspiration: 13188 An Angel made from Stub Wires and Silk Yarn
  • Inspiration: 13192 An Angel on a Stand made from black Alu Wire with Diamond Cut
  • Inspiration: 14005 Glass Paint on a Lantern decorated with Seed Beads on silver Wire
  • Inspiration: 14413 A Prism from Florist Wire, colourful Construction Straws & Beads
  • Inspiration: 14536 A silver Advent Wreath
  • Inspiration: 14551 An Advent Wreath from woven Design Paper Stars