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Shiny hanging decorations with an elf and snowflakes


Make these wintery hanging decorations with snowflakes and a small elf from Foam Clay, wooden beads, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and sequins.

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Shiny hanging decorations with an elf and snowflakes
Shiny hanging decorations with an elf and snowflakes

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    How to do it
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    Model a Foam Clay elf's hat onto one half of a wooden bead. Foam Clay sticks on wood as long as it is moist.
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    Attach self-adhesive googly eyes onto the wooden bead. Attach a sequin snowflake onto glitter pom-pom using Sticky Base and then the wooden bead on top using Sticky Base as shown in the photo.
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    Make a circle with a loop for hanging from a piece of pipe cleaner.
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    Roll small Foam Clay balls and push them onto the pipe cleaner.
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    Attach the elf onto the Foam Clay balls. You may attach more balls to ensure that the elf sits securely in the middle.
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    Attach a piece of silver thread through the loop for hanging and decorate the hanging decoration further with sequins snowflakes by pushing them into the Foam Clay balls.
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    Make a snowflake hanging decoration by placing two pipe cleaners in a cross in the middle and secure them by twisting them together. Make a large cross and a slightly smaller one.
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    Tie the two crosses together in the middle with a small piece of pipe cleaner so that the crosses are staggered.
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    Cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and twist them around each of the four arms in a "v" shape as shown in the photo.
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    Decorate the snowflakes by attaching a snowflake sequin in the middle using Sticky Base.
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    Attach a piece of silver thread to the snowflakes for hanging.
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