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Christmas, Easter and Halloween are all holidays that give you the perfect excuse to amp up the cosiness and creativity. Our various DIY kits are an ideal way to do this. The pre-packed boxes contain everything you need to start a creative activity. Choose a kit that fits the upcoming holiday and start creating beautiful decorations, cute figures or pretty decorations.



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Creative holiday activities

As we approach the holidays such as Christmas and Easter, anticipation begins to set in – we wait eagerly to have fun with the family, eat delicious food and immerse ourselves in creative activities. There's no doubt that each holiday season is associated with many pleasures. But if you need inspiration for which activities you and your family should engage in this Christmas, Easter and Halloween, you can explore our Craft Kits. They come in many different variants and are designed for both beginners and more experienced crafters. Just choose the one Craft KIt that suits the holiday season and start creating. Because with pre-packed boxes, the creative activities are ready to go. Our Craft Kits contain all the materials, as well as all the instructions, you need – so it’s never been easier to be creative during the holidays.


Christmas activities

Christmas is probably the peak season for creative pursuits and family fun. As soon as December arrives, you’re probably already thinking about homemade decorations and gifts. It’s all part of the holiday season, and the idea of making your own Christmas gifts immediately fills you with genuine festive spirit. All 24 of the days leading up to Christmas are spent preparing for the occasion, and both decorations and Christmas presents need to be sorted. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. All you need to do is find a few of our many kits, such as Mini Craft Kits, Craft Kits and creative sets, which are filled with activities for the Christmas season. Our Craft Kits contain everything you need to make homemade gifts – whether they're Christmas presents, advent gifts or stocking fillers. Explore our different Craft Kits for Christmas and get a December full of elves, stars, angels and much more.


Halloween activities

Halloween is also called All Saints' Eve and is the day of the year when spookiness shines through in all its cosy glory – which is best done with decorations. Pumpkins, skeletons and spiders in their webs can all contribute towards creating a creepy atmosphere, as is the tradition on this spooky autumn day. So seize the spooky moment and get creative, alone or with the family. Check out our Craft Kits to get the creative Halloween activities going.


Easter activities

Easter means colourful Easter eggs, cheeky Easter chicks and fluffy Easter bunnies. Easter is well-known for being filled with activities for children and adults alike. True to tradition, you and the children can blow eggs and paint faces and patterns on them with markers. If, on the other hand, you need an activity that's quick and easy to do, you could also try one of our Mini Craft Kits. These boxes have all the crafting supplies you and your family will need. In this way, you avoid spending time searching for craft supplies and can spend more time creating and enjoying time with the family. See our  Craft Kits filled with fun and creative activities for Easter.


Creative activities for every season

Fortunately, creativity isn't just reserved for holidays like Easter, Christmas and Halloween. You can be creative all year round – whatever the season. For example, spring and summer are fantastic seasons for being creative outdoors. The many hours of sunshine make this an obvious time to try painting, drawing and decorating under the open sky. While in autumn and winter, it’s the other way around. In these seasons, we prefer to stay inside where it's warm and dry, because here, we can sit immersed for hours while knitting, sewing or making papercuts. Explore our different Craft Kits and find one that suits the season – whether that's spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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