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On this page, you'll find lots of creative activities that are filled with opportunities for immersive learning – where you can make things with glitter, felt, beads, clay and much more. Choose DIY kits according to the activity you want to do, and then start creating. The boxes contain all the materials you need and ensure that you get off to a good start.



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Creative activities

 When the holidays are over and we gradually return to our daily lives, we often miss the many cosy activities associated with being on holiday – where we could sit absorbed in an activity for hours or ones that gathered the whole family around the table. Instead, daily life is filled with chores and practical tasks – but who says that you can't get creative with these, too? Normally, it takes a lot of preparation time to find all the right materials for the activities you want to start working on. But it doesn't have to. In fact, creative activities can be easy and straightforward if you choose our Craft Kits. In our different Craft Kits, we've gathered all the craft supplies you'll need – and everything has been carefully selected so that you get off to a good start with the activities. You can follow the instructions included with all our Craft Kits. They lead you through the process from start to finish, which is why our Craft Kits are suitable for both beginners and more experienced crafters.


Craft kits for every taste

Do you have a little crafter hidden inside of you who loves making things and wants to learn a new technique or two? Then we have our Mini Craft Kits, Starter Craft Kits and the classic Craft Kits that offer all kinds of creative activities – and you'll definitely find more sets that you'd like to try:


  • Needle felt

Soft wool between your hands and cosy evenings in the living room’s comfiest armchair – not bad, don't you think? With our Craft Kits with needle felt, you can easily make beautiful figures and cute decorative items for your home. We've filled our pre-packed boxes with all the wool, felting needles and fleece that you'll need for each activity.


  • Modelling

Self-hardening modelling compounds are pure fun for both children and adults who are looking for a creative activity with a wealth of possibilities. The flexible materials Silk Clay® and Foam Clay® can be enjoyed by the whole family. They can easily be shaped into all kinds of shapes and figures.


  • Beads and jewellery making elements

Do you dream of making your own bead jewellery, but don't exactly know where to start? Then our  Craft Kits with jewellery pieces and Craft Kits for jewellery making will help you along the way. All the beads and jewellery pieces are included in the box, so you can freely start creating bracelets, necklaces and earrings for yourself or someone you love.


  • Card and paper.

The year's festive holidays are prime time for papercut projects. A good stack of card and paper affords you plenty of opportunities to create a wide range of decorations for your home – and if you need inspiration or help getting started, our Craft Kits with card and paper are a great place to start.


Activities for the whole family

If there's one thing our Craft Kits and starter kits are good at, then it’s bringing the whole family together. We know that both children and adults love activities where they can use their creativity. These can be small decorative items such as figures produced from self-hardening clay or jewellery made out of colourful beads. If you need inspiration for creative activities that the whole family can join in with making, then our Craft Kits are perfect. Explore our wide selection on this page and get ready for lots of family fun.

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