Rapeseed wax


Rapeseed wax

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Block of 100% eco-friendly, sustainable, pure rapeseed wax used for making casts in glass containers etc. Melting temperature 54-57 degrees. It's possible to add colour and scent. For wicks, use: 73314, 73313 or 73383.

Melt the candle wax in a dipping tank or other container in a water bath. Setting: 125 ml sets after about 3 hours. When the candle burns the wax becomes soft, which is why it is not used for drip candles or block candles. 100 grams of wax = approx. 125 ml of liquid wax. Add candle dye to the melted wax if you wish. Dosage: 4 grams of dye per 100 grams of wax, depending on how intense a colour is desired. Glue or secure the wick in a glass jar or other item that is resistant to heat and gently pour the liquid wax into the container. Leave to dry/set.

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