Which marker should I choose?

At Creativ Company, we have markers for every activity – and our guide helps you find the right ones. We have textile markers, writing markers and markers for glass and porcelain – all designed for specific surfaces and materials. So use our guide to find the markers that are perfect for you and your project.

Markers for drawing and colouring on paper and in colouring books

For children who want to draw and paint with a pen, we recommend a pen of CE-marked quality. For example a water-based type with a fixed felt tip, which is available in both thick and thin tips and in a wide range of colours. Choose between a wide variety of types (including ones with glitter), all of them perfect for use on white paper, thin card and cardboard. For younger children down to 2 years we recommend a marker that is particularly easy to wash off both skin and clothing should accidents happen.

Good quality

Perfect for kids - can be washed from clothes

Perfect for kids - can be washed from clothes

Good quality

Markers for projects that require fully opaque colour

Do you want to add details, patterns or text to a painting, or perhaps you want to try painting on stones? If so then the best results are obtained with a marker filled with paint rather than liquid paint and a brush, which is much more demanding to apply. These markers are just as easy to use as ordinary markers. The paint in the marker is a water-based acrylic paint and is available in several qualities, from fully opaque to transparent with glitter, as well as many different line thicknesses.

Silk matt when dry

Matt when dry

Markers for decorating glass and porcelain

Our marker for glass and porcelain has the added advantage that, once heat fixed in a conventional oven, the decorated item is then safe to be washed in the dishwasher. Glass and porcelain markers are available in semi-opaque colours with and without glitter, in fully opaque colours and as contour markers. We recommend fully opaque colours for painting on dark objects. You can also choose between a conventional fixed felt tip and pumpaction felt tip, where the paint flows to the tip when the pen is shaken/pressed up and down. If younger children are decorating something, marker pens with a fixed felt tip are the easiest for them to control, because there is no risk of the paint running. Otherwise, you can actually slow down the effect of running colours in a design if you colour in the lines of the design first, for example in black with a contour marker, and then leave to dry.

Semi-opaque + Not dishwasher safe

Semi-opaque + Not dishwasher safe

Fully opaque + Dishwasher safe

Fully opaque + Dishwasher safe

Transparent + Dishwasher safe

Markers for decorating textiles

Markers for textile decoration have a special feature: When the decoration is dry - often after ironing - it retains its brightness after the textile piece has been washed. Textile markers are available with both a conventional fixed felt tip in several thicknesses and with a pump-action felt tip. For younger children, we recommend a conventional marker with a fixed felt tip, as these types don't tend to run. First and foremost however you should choose a marker according to the colour of the surface you intend to write on. For light textiles you can use semi-opaque colours, while you get the best results on dark textiles with a fully opaque textile marker.

Washable at 60° C

Washable at 30° C

Washable at 30° C

Washable at 40° C

Washable at 30° C

Markers for writing with

We supply a variety of markers that are designed to be used for writing, from art markers to calligraphy, for example, to the office's most important writing pen. We also have markers for making illustrations on flipchart paper or for use on whiteboards. If children are writing with a pen, we recommend a water-based quality rather than a permanent/alcohol-based one, which is water-resistant and covers almost all materials. This type is often used, for example, to write names on lunchboxes etc.



For light and dark surfaces


Choose the right markers

Not sure which markers are best for what? Our guide will help you choose the right ones – so you can turn to it whenever you're in doubt. Markers can work on many different surfaces, including porcelain, textiles and paper, and we have plenty of them in our wide range. So don't worry – we’ve got all the markers you need – whether you’re drawing, painting or writing.

Keep reading to find out more about our markers – and what you can use them for. Learn more about:

  • Markers for paper and colouring books
  • Markers for stones
  • Textile markers
  • Glass and porcelain markers


Markers for stones

No beach trip is complete without a little rock collecting! Let the children find their own beautiful stones in nature – and paint them with colours and patterns at home. It’s just as much fun as drawing on paper – and all you need is some full-coverage markers, for example Colortime or Posca pens. They're much easier to work with than liquid paints, which means that even the younger children to join in.

Grab some Posca markers and transform stones into little fruits – or add some Silk Clay® to make the cutest turtles. If you like, you can also gather the family and create fun stone trolls with hair and details made out of Silk Clay®.

If you and your family have plans for other creative projects, check out our guide and find the writing pen, textile marker, glass or porcelain marker you need.


Markers for paper and colouring books

We learned how much fun you can have with markers and felt pens in our own childhood, and you’ve probably drawn plenty of animals, houses and matchstick men over the years. But now it’s the children’s turn. For kids, we can highly recommend our CE-marked markers – they're really good for children and they're super-fun to draw and colour with. You can find our art markers in a huge range of bright and attractive colours, and the thick ones are perfect for larger surfaces. Kids will love using them in all their colouring books. This lets them dive even deeper into the technique – because with colouring books, the motif is already drawn out for you. But if the children would rather draw based on their imagination, they can easily use the markers on white paper, cardboard and card.

Of course, the youngest children can also have a go at colouring in – even when the lines don't always hit the paper or the colouring book. We have markers that are extra easy to wash off skin and clothes – and can be used by children as young as 2 years. In other words, they're the perfect markers for children.

Adults can also enjoy colouring books too. They're great for instilling a sense of calm and mindfulness – and we even have special colouring books for adults, which you can see here.

If you're still unsure about which markers to use for your children’s creative activities, follow our guide to find the right ones.


Textile markers

You probably have a tote bag or an old T-shirt that's taking up space in your drawers – perhaps they've gone out of style over the years. Luckily, you can give the textile a whole new look with our textile markers rather than buying something new.

For example, you can draw some cool patterns that match your personal style. It’s not as difficult as it looks. Just check out the idea here. You can make cute fruit motifs on tea towels – all you need are textile markers and EVA foam stamps. You can do the same with dishcloths and pot holders – and you'll have a smart, custom-designed set for your kitchen.

For the ideas here, our textile markers are perfect. Once you have heat-fixed the decorated textiles with an iron, they are fine to be machine-washed. But remember that the full-coverage markers are best on dark textiles – while the semi-opaque ones are best on light-coloured textiles.

Read more about textile markers and their fantastic properties in our guide – and get the very best markers for textiles.


Writing pens and markers

If you need a really good writing pen, we stock these too. In fact, we offer a lot of different writing utensils – and here our permanent markers and fineliners are among the best. They're designed for writing with – and are indispensable in any office.

If you’re looking for a special pen for your hobby – to do illustrations or calligraphy, for example – you can also find these in our wide range of writing utensils.

Follow our guide and find your new writing tool for the office or your hobby.


Glass and porcelain markers

Do you have old porcelain pieces gathering dust in cabinets and drawers? It's easy to give them a new lease of life with pretty motifs in bright colours. You can decorate plates and mugs – and maybe they can even be hung on display when you're done, either on the plate shelf or on the wall. It's a simple project that does not require many materials. You can go really far, for example, with our glass and porcelain markers. And when you run out of old porcelain, you can always move on to decorating your glassware. Remember that your new upcycled porcelain and glass will need to be cured before it can be washed in the dishwasher. 

Read more about glass and porcelain markers in our guide and find the perfect markers for your glass and porcelain.

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