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Creativity in a Box offers children lots of immersion, learning and creativity. Creativity in a Box contains everything children need for creative time. Unleash your creativity together and share fun and meaningful moments. Get ready to relax and immerse yourself in our world of creativity.



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Learning and play for children

Babies are born curious and eager to experiment their way in the world. They love to feel and sense everything around them, because they use their senses to experience their surroundings. Creative activities are perfect for helping to support this natural curiosity. Our Craft Kits as well as our Mini Craft Kits are filled with creative activities – and they’re great for children of all ages. Here, they can get clay, glue or beads between their hands, and this direct contact with the various materials helps develop their tactile sense and fine motor skills. What's more, creative activities are full of learning. They help children to immerse themselves fully in an activity and teach them to be patient. Two skills that are invaluable for all parents. So let your child explore their creative skills through different DIY projects. You might want to paint, draw, play with clay, cut out and stick with paper, build imaginative figures or make bead jewellery. These are just some of the fun activities for children our Craft Kits and Mini Craft Kits offer.

We’ve even made it easy for those of you on the lookout for inspiration for small, child-friendly projects. We've gathered all our Craft Kits onto this page to give you an overview of all the fun activities you and your child can do. All our Craft Kits contain fun activities for children, so there should be something for everyone. The boxes are extremely practical and contain all the craft supplies you need for the creative activity – so you don't have to go out and invest in a lot of materials that just take up space without being used again. It's never been so easy to fill weekdays and weekends with play and learning. 


Homemade toys from children

Think about being part of the actual process of creating toys – luckily, you can make this a reality. Homemade toys are something you and your child can easily make together, thanks to our different kits – both the classic Craft Kits and the small trendy Mini Craft Kits. For example, you can model figures, place beads on pegboards or make space rockets and aliens out of old toilet rolls. There are many options with our Craft Kits – also afterwards, when all the finished toys become part of your child’s next game.


Homemade gifts filled with creativity

Is anyone in the world happier for homemade gifts than grandparents? We don't think so. When the grandchildren turn up with decorations, figures or jewellery that they've made themselves, these are always proudly received by the grandparents on both parents' sides.  Making and giving presents involves lots of learning. Firstly, the child learns how to make something from scratch, and secondly, they experience the joy of giving.

Need inspiration for children’s homemade gifts to surprise parents, grandparents or siblings with? Then take a look at our pre-packed boxes and creative Craft Kits. They make it easy and manageable for you to make homemade gifts with your child, because in our Craft Kits everything is included in the box – both materials and instructions. Perhaps your child will prefer to do it all on their own, but depending on their age, a little assistance may be needed along the way.


Fun activities for kids

If summer break, a weekend or festive holidays are approaching, it’s nice to have some fun activities planned for the children. Fun activities for children are not just about entertainment, however – they're just as much about learning. Children find painting, drawing, sculpting, cutting out and gluing so much fun, but they're also learning a lot as they do it. The children learn about colours, shapes and expressions. They learn to immerse themselves in a project and concentrate intensively, and maybe even learn a new technique. This way, our Craft Kits for children can trigger so much more than just play – they can also kickstart learning and creativity.

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