Power magnet


Power magnet

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Powerful magnets that can hold large and small pieces of art on the fridge.

Are you looking for some true magnetic magic that holds on to your big works of art without letting them slide down? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our strong magnets keep things on your fridge or magnetic board, in exactly the spot you want them to be. With these durable and delightful magnets, you can go crazy with some creative fridge decorations, and let your photos, drawings and reminders hang safely.

Magnets are practical, but they are also packed full of options to enhance the look of your home, and especially the fridge:.

  • Make a fridge display of your children’s pretty drawings
  • Create fun shapes from shrink plastic sheets, EVA Foam or felt, and glue them to magnets
  • Spend rainy days indoors casting plaster characters that can be hung on the fridge as artwork

Our magnets are made to be fridge magnets – they are powerful and strong, and can therefore easily fill the empty fridge door with reminder notes, holiday photos, and drawings. If you have a magnetic board in your home office, you can easily use our magnets on that too. They can help you to keep track of important notes and appointments. If you can't get enough of our magnets and their practical skills, try our magnetic plate, which allows you to cut out the shape you need. You can also try our self-adhesive magnetic strip to make your own personal magnets.

More Information
SeasonBasic craft
Retail quantity 100 pc
Content quantity 100 pc
D 10 mm
thickness 2 mm
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