Power Liner


Power Liner

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This marker is an alcohol-based permanent marker with a fixed felt tip. It's well-suited to sign writing and for use on many different surfaces.

The marker is particularly good for writing and drawing on flipchart paper, sign writing on card and cardboard, etc. You can also use it to write on plastic boxes, glass and tubs, metal lids, textiles, tools, etc. If you want to decorate glass and porcelain, which needs to be dishwasher safe, we recommend choosing a special glass and porcelain marker instead, as these are heat cured for extra durability. As this marker is alcohol-based, you can remove it from smooth surfaces with rubbing alcohol. Alcohol-based markers are not recommended for children

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SeasonBasic craft
Ean nummer5707167100639
Retail quantity 4 pc
Content quantity 4 pc
line 1,5-3 mm
Colour black;blue;green;red
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