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Pompoms, D: 5 mm, white, 550pcs


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Soft, fluffy, round pom-poms.
D: 5 mm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 11132 Vivi Gade Topple Pixies
  • Inspiration: 11741 A Teddy Brooch
  • Inspiration: 15513 Father Christmas from Bonsai Wire and Gauze Bandage decorated with Pom-poms
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  • Inspiration: 1160 A Push-Up Clown
  • Inspiration: 11116 Happy Pixies in a Row
  • Inspiration: 11735 Christmas Babushkas
  • Inspiration: 11912 A Cone Angel made from Felt
  • Inspiration: 12030 Happy Christmas Bears
  • Inspiration: 12750 Cone Pixies
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