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Inredibly soft pom-poms that add a colourful touch to any hobby project.

Throw your love of creativity into our super-soft pom-poms, which are available in countless fresh colours. Once you have them in your home, you can quickly and easily use them to add more sparkle to both your small and large projects. You can easily glue to surfaces using a glue gun or hobby glue, or sew them onto fabric.

Our pom-poms are also called colourful mood bombs, as they bring festive joy to many hobby projects:.

  • Glue a pom-pom onto your homemade Easter bunny to give it a cute and fluffy tail 
  • Make flowers out of beads or crochet yarn, and add the pom-poms as the colourful centre of the flowers
  • Create an original and festive bouquet by gluing pom-poms onto twisted twigs. Finally, gather them together in a beautiful vase in the middle of the spring-decorated table
  • Decorate your party with a garland made of string, pom-poms and beads
  • Turn trash into little treasures, and transform used toilet rolls into fun characters.Here, pom-poms can be added as little noses, cute tails, and soft ears
  • Make your own “ugly” Christmas sweater using bells and pom-poms that you sew on with a needle and thread 

Pom-poms should be called festive mood boosters. The name suits them perfectly, as pom-poms’ colourful and plush design puts a smile on the face of many, and quickly adds an extra boost to creative projects. This makes pom-poms the perfect decorations for parties and special occasions. In our shop, you will find plush round balls in many different colours and sizes, as well as with and without glitter. If you’re having trouble choosing between these pretty pom-poms, you can always try one of our mixes. Our mixes give you pom-poms in different colours, as well as a mix of glitter pom-poms and regular pom-poms. No matter what kind of pom-poms you choose, you are guaranteed to make lots of fun and beautiful creations.

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SeasonBasic craft
Ean nummer5707167422724
Retail quantity 1 pack
Content quantity 42 g
D 5-40 mm
Colour assorted colours
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