Place Mats and Coasters made from knitted Tube


Make your own place mats and coasters from knitted tube. They are knitted from Merino wool baby yarn using a knitting mill and then sewn together into a circle.

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Place Mats and Coasters made from knitted Tube
Place Mats and Coasters made from knitted Tube

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    How to do it
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    Knit 7.5 m knitted tube using a knitting mill. You will need approx. 7.5 m knitted tube for a 26 cm diameter place mat. Each ball of wool produces an approx. 13 m knitted tube.
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    Pick up the stitches with a yarn needle as shown in the picture. Secure by pulling the yarn through the four stitches and back through the last two stitches.
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    Secure the knitted tube by feeding the end through the tube and trim the excess yarn.
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    Cut another piece of yarn measuring approx. 1 m. Secure the yarn at one end of the tube as shown in the picture and start sewing the knitted tube into a circle using a yarn needle. Begin at the 2nd stitch.
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    Sew the knitted tube together into a circle by sewing into the same row of stitches all the way around, for a uniform place mat.
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    Continue until you reach your chosen size and trim the excess knitted tube.
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    Unravel the knitted tube at one end, leaving enough yarn to secure the end.
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    Pick up the four stitches with a yarn needle and secure the end of the place mat with the unravelled yarn as illustrated in the picture.
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    Secure the yarn end onto the place mat as described in step 2.
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    Finish as illustrated in the picture.
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    Finally steam the place mat on the “wrong” side using an iron.
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    Another variant
    Knit approx. 115 cm knitted tube for coasters, each measuring 10 cm in diameter.
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