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Pipe Cleaners, thickness 6 mm, L: 30 cm, asstd colours, multi colours, 30mixed


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An assortment of striped pipe cleaners ingood quality soft nylon bristles fixed on a wire.
Pack of 10 assorted colours .
thickness 6 mm, L: 30 cm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 10950 Large Insects with Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 12371 A Clown made from Corrugated Board
  • Inspiration: 12748 Reindeer
  • Inspiration: 12751 Pixie Dolls
  • Inspiration: 14172 Moveable Figures made from mechanical Parts with Silk Clay
  • Inspiration: 14417 A small Silk Clay Doll on a coiled Spring with a Stand
  • Inspiration: 14418 Wind-up Silk Clay Figures with Pipe Cleaners
  • Inspiration: 14331 A Fantasy Animals made from Pom-poms, Pipe Cleaners, Beads and Silk Clay
  • Inspiration: 14333 Creepy-Crawlies for Halloween made from Pom-Poms, Pipe Cleaners and Felt
  • Inspiration: 15627 Puppets for puppet theatre made from bamboo kitchen utensils