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Pipe Cleaners, thickness 6 mm, L: 30 cm, asstd colours, 50mixed


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An assortment of pipe cleaners, made of soft and small, nylon bristles fixed on the wire.
Pack contains 50 pipe cleaners in 10 different colours .
thickness 6 mm, L: 30 cm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 12028 Cones with Decoupage
  • Inspiration: 14414 A Reindeer and a Pixie made from mini Clothes Pegs
  • Inspiration: 14419 A Reindeer with a Cone Body covered with Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 14314 Paper Dolls and Clothes made from Card
  • Inspiration: 14768 A small Foam Clay Christmas Figure with an LED Tea Light inside
  • Inspiration: 14755 Magnetic Figures from Pipe Cleaners with Silk Clay and Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 14881 Fairies modelled from Silk Clay and Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 14880 Polystyrene Figures with Foam Clay and Silk Clay

This product is currently unavailable

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