Photos of Children in Silk Clay Flowers


The corolla is shaped from Silk Clay. A printed photo of a child's face is attached in the middle. The stem and leaves are made from green Silk Clay shaped around a wooden flower stick and then pushed into a flower pot lined with brown Silk Clay soil.

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Photos of Children in Silk Clay Flowers
Photos of Children in Silk Clay Flowers

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    How to do it
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    Roll a ball of Silk clay and push it flat. Attach a printet and cut out photo of a child's face. Roll a thin sausage and place this around the photo to hide the transition.
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    Make petals by rolling small uniform balls of Silk Clay and put them against the ball with the photo – all the way around. Leave to dry.
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    Roll green Silk Clay into a long sausage shape. Model it around the flower stick for a green stalk.
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    Make the flower's leaves from green Silk Clay, shaped like a cone. Press the cone flat. Make two leaves.
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    Press the leave around one end of a wooden flower stick. Shorten the flower stick at an appropriate length. Leave to dry.
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    Push the finished stalk onto the stamen from underneath.
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    Use brown Silk Clay for the soil and push it into the flower pot.
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    Push the flower and the leaves into the brown soil in the flower pot.
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