Pendants cast from Pewter


Children's intuitive and existential intelligence is enhanced by this creative project when learning about and consciously working with symbols and their importance to people. In addition, the skills involved in creating a mould will stimulate their intuition and feel for how the moulded item will look like when removed from the mould.

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Pendants cast from Pewter
Pendants cast from Pewter

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    How to do it
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    The mould: Roll out a max. 2 cm thick piece of self-hardening clay to a suitable size for the design. Then draw a design on a lino block and cut it out.
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    Push a cut-out shape (max. 0.5 cm thick) into the clay. Alternatively you may carve a design directly into the clay.
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    Make a small hole for hanging at the top of the shape. You may use a flower stick, pushing it into the clay. Let the mould dry for three or four days on a wire rack.
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    NB: wear safety glasses. Melt the pewter in a pewter casting ladle directly on a hotplate at high temperature. Keep an eye.
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    NB: wear safety glasses. Pour the molten pewter in the clay mould and leave to set.
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    File away any rough edges.
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    Attach the finished pendant to a piece of leather cord with an adjustable knot which is made as follows: Place one end of the cord first underneath the other end of the cord – and then over.
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    Now feed one end underneath the “cross” and up, before feeding it into the loop from where it is pulled tight like a knot.
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    Turn the bracelet/necklace so it is mirror-imaged and make an equivalent adjustable knot in the last of the two ends. Trim the ends, close to the knots.
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    Intuitive intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to sense what (perhaps) will happen, and by mind reading and thinking synchronously.
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    Existential intelligence. Enhanced by activities in which children must use their abilities to recognise that life and existence are different for each individual child.
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