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Create beautiful surfaces on sculptures, pots and so on with this white sculpting medium, which can be modelled into textiles, yarn etc. and draped around objects or a dummy skeleton formed out of metal wire. When dry, the medium has a shiny, hard and extremely robust finish

Technique for smaller pieces of fabric: Pour a little Paverpol sculpting medium into a transparent plastic bag and add the garment. Shape and model the sculpting medium into the textile piece from the outside of the bag. You can then remove the textile piece, smoothing off any excess medium back into the bag (use gloves). Now you can drape it around your art object. Doll skeleton: Use floral wire and form a body which you can cover with aluminium foil, for example, and finally a layer of masking tape. After draping: Shape the doll into a position – e.g. standing, lying down etc. – and then leave it to dry for 24 hours. Colouring the Paverpol sculpting medium: Paverpol colour powder dye is mixed (by an adult) with the sculpting medium in the bag before adding the textile piece. It only needs a very small amount, so try a few test runs first. The main rule is 40 ml of dye to 1000 grams of sculpting medium. Instead of modelling in a bag, you can also try mixing it in a large bowl or other plastic container (remember to wear disposable gloves)

This sculpting medium lets you magically transform washed-out textiles including worn-out T-shirts, cotton gauze, yarn, string and scraps of creased cotton into the most beautiful, draped surfaces for all kinds of objects, such as pots, vases etc. Draping is also a popular technique to use on small dolls/sculptures built up over a skeleton of moulded floral wire, as well as for larger sculptures formed from a skeleton of chicken wire. An incredibly exciting process with great results. It's up to you whether you want to paint the finished product with hobby paint or similar or if you prefer to colour the sculpting medium with Paverpol colour powder dye before draping. Paverpol's A eco-label rating is your assurance that the product meets extra stringent requirements regarding environmental impact and potential harmful effects in both children and adults.

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