Papier-maché pulp


Papier-maché pulp

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Papier-mâché pulp is durable and colourfast pulverised paper for making papier-mâché figures. Dries out and becomes robust despite its lightness. Stir with water.

The pulverised paper has been pre-applied with a little adhesive, so you only need to mix it with water. Mixing ratio: 3 parts pulp and 1 part water. Make a little at a time, as the pulp is very efficient to use. Mix by stirring to a porridge-like consistency and model the pulp into a solid consistency with your hands. You might like to make the pulp 1 day before you need it and store it in a bucket with a lid. Press, shape and smooth the pulp on top of non-absorbent items, or model it into small flat items on e.g. a plastic pocket. The thicker the layer – the longer the drying time. Leave to dry in a warm place for 3- 7 days.

The pulp has a lovely raw surface and you can use it for many creative projects:.

  • Gather the family and get everyone to model figures out of the pulp
  • Create cute elves for the windowsill, where they can spread a little extra Christmas spirit throughout the month of December
  • Cover all kinds of surfaces and make vases, pots and other decorative items that add a fresh touch to your home decor

Papier-mâché pulp is easy and inexpensive to make yourself Papier-mâché pulp becomes a porridgey, clay-like pulp when you soak it in water and it is then fantastic for creating lumpy and sculptured details on creative projects. You can make it out of old newspapers and other paper and it's so much fun for the youngest family members to join in. Afterwards you can make hanging decorations, figures, sculptures, vases and decorative items from the papier-mâché you have made yourself. But if you want to get started quickly and easily, you can buy our finished papier-mâché pulp, which you have to mix with water.

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