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Nylon cord, thickness 1 mm, neon multi, 28m


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Semi-gloss nylon cord in good quality ideal for macramé.
thickness 1 mm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 13474 A braided Macramé Bracelet with an adjustable Knot and Beads
  • Inspiration: 13040 Neon-coloured Macramé Cords with melted Nabbi Beads
  • Inspiration: 13041 Braiding with Neon Beads
  • Inspiration: 13043 Silver-plated Metal Beads & neon Macramé Cord on Beading Wire
  • Inspiration: 13044 A Bracelet made from a Bead Chain and Neon-Coloured Macramé Cords
  • Inspiration: 14389 A Star from Ice Lolly Sticks, decorated with Rhinestones
  • Inspiration: 15558 Candle Holders decorated with Tissue Paper
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 13542 Doodling on Terracotta Eggs
  • Inspiration: 13945 Rhinestones and Glitter Paint on Paper Prisms and Paper Baubles
  • Inspiration: 11598 A Wind Chime in Shrink Plastic Sheets
  • Inspiration: 12486 Lots of Summer Fun
  • Inspiration: 13046 A Neon-Coloured Macramé Cord with Shrink Plastic Sheet
  • Inspiration: 13237 A Hot Air Balloon made from Corrugated Board and Rainbow Paper
  • Inspiration: 13452 A Neon Coloured Card Flower made from Hands
  • Inspiration: 13531 Fabric Chicks with long Legs from neon-coloured Macramé Cord
  • Inspiration: 13574 Moustache Jewellery Pendants from decorated Shrink Plastic Sheets
  • Inspiration: 13595 Pink, rose and white Table Decorations
  • Inspiration: 13716 Necklace with a Prism in a Net made from a Nylon-covered Alu Bar
  • Inspiration: 13720 A Mobile with an Elephant, decorated with Concertina Baubles
  • Inspiration: 13797 A Paper Diamond with Neon-Coloured Prints
  • Inspiration: 13988 Natural Eggs dyed with Silk Paint
  • Inspiration: 14005 Glass Paint on a Lantern decorated with Seed Beads on silver Wire
  • Inspiration: 14006 A Feather inside a Glass Heart hanging in a neon-coloured String
  • Inspiration: 14009 A Glass Jar decorated with Designs behind Glass Cabochons
  • Inspiration: 13754 Baubles made from coloured Honeycomb Paper
  • Inspiration: 14061 Leather Strap Bracelets decorated with Stitching
  • Inspiration: 14226 A painted Candlestick decorated with a Nabbi Bead Pendant